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About University

Ryazan State Medical University was established in 1950. It was named after the first Nobel Laureate for medicine I. P. Pavlov, who was born and who worked in Ryazan. The University is proud to be associated with the name of the scientist.

The University is situated in the territory of student's campus. There are about 20 educational departments, administration buildings, students hostels, library, computer classes, Internet-center, sport club, shops and students cafes where dishes of Indian, Arab, African, Chinese cuisine are cooked.

Today Ryazan State Medical University is one of the most prestigious medical Universities in Russia. Since the time of its existence, the University has earned a very high reputation both in Russia and abroad.

Ryazan State Medical University is the only University in Russia where medicine, pharmacy, dentistry are taught in any one of three languages: Russian, English and French. The University is also recognized by the World Health Organization (WHO) in its "Directory of World Medical Schools.

Currently, students from more than 65 countries worldwide including India are studying at the university.

Courses Available:

  • General Medicine
  • Dentistry
  • Pharmacy
  • Medico-preventive Faculty
  • Clinical Psychology
  • Faculty of Postgraduate Studies

About Ryazan City

Ryazan is situated 150 km from Moscow and populated by approximately 1 million people. It is a major scientific, military and industrial center of the country, a large river port located 196 km south-east of Moscow.

The Glory of Ryazan is the Ryazan Kremlin. It is the ancient historical heart of the city. Throughout the long history of its existence the Kremlin has been rebuilt many times and eventually it has been formed into an entire architectural complex. It comprises a number of outstanding monuments of Old Russian architecture and the classicism of the XV-XIX centuries.

Ryazan has a humid continental climate. The highest temperature recorded is 39.5 °C (103.1 °F) in August 2010 while the lowest temperature recorded is −40.9 °C (−41.6 °F) in January 1940.

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