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About University

Xi'an Jiaotong University founded 1896, is a Chinese C9 League college situated in Xi'an, Shaanxi, China and is considered as one of the Top Medical Universities of China.

The University has 20 schools providing courses in 9 academic disciplines of medicine, economics, law, art, philosophy, science, engineering and education. The university has 8 renowned affiliated teaching hospitals out of which two have ranked in the list of China’s top 100 teaching hospitals.

The university along with its affiliated teaching hospitals has 5500 staff members which include 12 members of the Chinese National Academy of Engineering, 9 members of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, professors, associate professors, etc.

At present, the university has about 32,000 students among which 15000 are graduate students, 200 postgraduates and 115 students who are pursuing their doctorate.

Currently, the university has more than 400 international students coming from various countries, majorly from Malaysia, Russia, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Nepal, ASEAN countries, New Zealand, Australia, Gulf countries, Nepal, Central Asia countries and European countries.


  • School of General Medicine (MBBS)


The university offers a modern dormitory along with dining and athletic facilities to all the international students to have a comfortable stay. The rooms are shared among 3-4 students. The kitchen is available on every floor giving students the option of self-cooking. To ensure the security of students the hostel premises is under CCTV surveillance.

Student Life

The students at Xi'an Jiaotong University enjoy a lively and colourful environment. The university creates an atmosphere for students to foster healthy friendships. The university believes in the holistic development of students and thus organizes various cultural and sports events, and thus encourages students to participate in them.

Interesting facts about the city- Xi'an

  • Xian is the capital city of Shaanxi Province, China.
  • The present area of the city has been the site of several important former Chinese cities.
  • The city usually experiences hot and humid summers with dry and cold winters. The autumns and springs are generally dry.
  • Many areas of the city are easily accessible on foot.
  • The city is majorly known for an ancient nature, the Terracotta Army and the ancient capital architecture.
  • Many authentic cuisines are available across the city. Some renowned joints are Biang Biang Noodles, Liangpi, Paomo etc.

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