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7 Things To Know When You Choose To Study MBBS

7 Things To Know When You Choose To Study MBBS

First things first for you to understand is that no matter what others say you have to follow your heart to be successful. Your parents might think that studying MBBS would give you a brighter future, but if you are hesitant to study MBBS for your career, it is never advisable for you to start something in which you have no interest.

Studying Medicine requires a lot of determination, courage, hard work and tonnes of emotional and mental investment at every step.Therefore, if you are unwilling or skeptical about it, then we advise you to follow your heart and you will surely be successful in whatever you choose.

Once cleared with your choice and goal, if you choose to pursue the field of medicine, below are the 7 things that you should keep in mind before taking the first step:

1. Eligibility Criteria

In order to pursue MBBS abroad or even in India, the any student must fulfill given criteria established by the National Medical Commission (NMC), erstwhile known as Medical Council of India (MCI):

  • The candidate must be 18 years old on or before the date of application.
  • In class XII the candidate must score 50% in PCB i.e., Physics, Chemistry, Biology from ISC, CBSE or any other state board.
  • The candidate must have qualified the NEET i.e National Eligibility cum Entrance Test in the year of admission. 

2. Use the magic ingredient of success- ‘Confidence’

Know about the difficulty level of the complete course. It is a well known fact that studying MBBS is not a cake walk at all. It requires tremendous and at times exhaustive efforts. The only tool that can help you in this course is confidence. The right amount of confidence in your capabilities can help you to face off with any challenges.

For those who only dream to study, will always find MBBS a burden. But those candidates who are ready to sit for hours and hours to acquire knowledge, will always find it easy, more and more interesting. Hence, no one but you can decide the level of MBBS.

3. Budget

Budgeting is extremely important whenever you have to take any important decision such as studying MBBS. It will cost you a minimum of ? 50,000 if you are lucky enough to get the admission in the government medical universities in India. In case you have to choose between the government medical universities abroad and private medical universities of India, it is always advisable to opt for MBBS Abroad.


Fee For MBBS in India

Fee For MBBS Abroad

Government Medical Universities

Rs. 50,000 - Rs. 2 Lacs

Rs. 20 Lacs - Rs. 46 Lacs

Private Medical Universities

Rs. 50 Lacs - Rs. 1 Cr

Rs. 14 Lacs - Rs. 40 Lacs

4. Bit of Management Skills

The student must learn some management skills to plan their study and personal life. For achieving targeted goals you must stick to a plan. Forecasting is a part of planning, learning from your past experience is good. Two essential skills to have would be time and stress management. It is always good to have an ambitious target to achieve, therefore it is quite justified to have high goals. But remember to be realistic towards your plans. 

How to manage your study time?

  • Divide your time according to the subjects and you only know your pros and cons. That means you will know how much time you will need to prepare for one subject.
  • MBBS is a degree which requires not only vocational knowledge but also practical knowledge too.
  • Spend your time in the lab, because the MBBS profession requires practical knowledge most.
  • Getting a good grip of the basics can help you move on to other concepts quickly.

What should you focus on?

  • Start your studies by working on your regular classes notes. Make a habit of taking regular notes.
  • Thoroughly, follow your textbooks, reference books.
  • Solve all previous year test papers which will help you to know the exam pattern and marks division.
  • For instance, focus on diagrams as science subjects consist of diagrams on every topic so, you can take help from it.

5. Internet- The wonder Resource

The 21st century’s wonder child- The Internet is extremely efficient in providing you every form of information you would ever require. For students, the internet is like a vast library. Like every other thing, the use of the internet has many advantages and disadvantages but it acts as a savior to every student. The Internet is a vast resource for gaining knowledge and imparting it as well. 

Since the medical universities lessons are very useful to the students but the students might feel frazzled because of the back to back classes. The Internet can not only be a successful resource of learning but also that of amusement.

6. Get yourself some ‘me’ time

Create a healthy schedule. Make time for not just your studies but also for your own self, your family and friends as they are your reliable assets. Remember to do some recreational activities with them. 

7. Don’t just work hard, work smart!
This is the time when you are not only required to work hard but also work smart. The students should spend their time in studying the course smartly. Using the resources to their full potential, discovering and at times creating alternatives. No matter what situation you face, you must never feel burdened by your studies.

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