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Why Study MBBS in Armenia?

Why Study MBBS in Armenia?

Armenia, also known as ‘the country of stones’, is one of the popular destinations for quality medical education. Over the past few years, many Indian students are seeking a chance to study MBBS Abroad. Armenia serves as one of the best choices for Indian students to pursue their higher studies abroad. Higher education in Armenia is authorized by the Ministry of Education and Science of Armenia. Medical Education in Armenia is approved by the National Medical Commission, India, and other global recognitions such as WDOMS, ECFMG, FAIMER, etc. 

Armenia is believed to be the third most densely populated country of the former Soviet Republic. Even though the country is densely populated, it sure does find ways to provide the best education at the lowest cost to all the aspirants. In Armenia, their official language is Armenian. However, the Armenians also speak Russian and English language as well. 

The Armenian climate is characterized by hot, dry, and sunny summers with temperatures between 22°C and 36°C (72°F and 97°F). While winters are extremely cold with temperatures between −10°C and −5°C (14°F and 23°F). 

Armenia is popular in various ways, its richness in heritage and cultural diversity fascinated many visitors until today. 

Why MBBS in Armenia for Indian Students?



Duration Of The Course

5 years 8 months

Required Score in PCB






Medium of Instruction


Foreign Language


Tuition Fee

18 to 25 Lacs

Cost Of Living

30,000 to 50,000 per month (entirely depend on an individual)

MBBS program is one of the most demanding career choices among the Indians. Armenia is one of the highly sought-after destinations for Indian students to study MBBS Abroad. The MBBS course at the Armenian Medical Universities takes about 6 years for students to complete the entire course. The country offers the best medical education at a very reasonable cost. 

Top Medical Universities in Armenia are well-recognized, certified, approved, and listed by various institutions of the world. The universities are approved by the National Medical Commission, India (NMC), Medical Council of Canada (MCC); recognized by the Ministry of Education and Science of Armenia; certified by the Educational Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates (ECFMG); registered with Foundation for Advancement of International Medical Education and Research (FAIMER), and are also listed with the World Directory of Medical Schools (WDOMS).

Though the medical universities in Armenia provide education in English language, Armenian is also taught to the students as part of their curriculum to help them in their day-to-day activities and interactions as well as during their clinical training to interact with the patients. 

What are the Advantages of studying MBBS in Armenia?

  1. MBBS in Armenia is one of the most reputed medical education. Top Medical institutions of the world recognized and approved medical education in Armenia.
  2. MBBS in Armenia is one of the most affordable options for Indian students seeking to study MBBS Abroad.
  3. Medical Education in Armenia is taught in English Medium. International students need not worry about the language barrier while studying MBBS in Armenia. However, learning another language is an added advantage to the student’s career and interaction around the country.
  4. For Admissions to the Top Medical Universities in Armenia, Indian students do not require to attend any additional test. Students can get direct admission for their MBBS in Armenia.
  5. Armenia is also well-known for its safe and comfortable environment. It is one of the safest place for International students.
  6. At the Top Medical universities in Armenia, students are provided with advanced medical teaching and practices in classrooms, laboratories, and other research centers.
  7. Libraries at the Top Medical Universities are equipped with various collections of books, journals, manuscripts, research journals, and more.
  8. While studying MBBS in Armenia, students get to explore the country and experience the various practices and cultures of the country. They also get to live the European standard of living at a very low cost.

Challenges of Studying MBBS in Armenia.

Apart from having plenty of benefits for studying MBBS in Armenia, here are some of the challenges faced by the students during their journey to become doctors.

  1. Though it is easier for the students to find medical universities that provide MBBS program at an affordable cost, it is, however, difficult for them to narrow down their search for universities offering high-quality MBBS program in Armenia.
  2. Another concern is the language barrier. It plays a major role for foreign students who wish to pursue higher education in Armenia. Therefore, to communicate with the native people, foreign students must learn the local language.
  3. Climate change is also one of the main hurdles that students are facing during their MBBS journey. Armenia has very cold winter weather. Though the university buildings and hostels have a centralized heating system, it takes a long time for students to get adjusted to the country’s weather conditions. To be able to bear the cold winter in Armenia, students must purchase some winter clothes that best suit the weather in Armenia after arriving there.

Top Medical universities of Armenia

  1. University of Traditional Medicine (UTM)
  2. St. Theresa Medical University (STMU)
  3. Yerevan State Medical University
  4. Mkhitar Gosh Armenian-Russian International University
  5. Yerevan Haybusak University, Faculty of Medicine


Top Medical Universities in Armenia surely do provide quality medical education to many students who are seeking to pursue MBBS in the country.  A lot of renowned medical universities allow students to explore, and experience various events on the university campus or around the country, to provide holistic development to the students. 

If you are looking for a chance to study MBBS in Armenia, know more about the Top Medical Universities of the country and the opportunities they provide. Call us at our student helpline number 1800-123-125050, or mail us at query@theeducationabroad.com you can also visit our nearest office for free personal counselling.

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