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Student helpline number 1800-123-125050
 NEET students to exam centres

MP to provide free transportation to NEET-JEE candidates

Madhya Pradesh Government to carry JEE- NEET students to exam centres

If you are a NEET or JEE candidate from the state of Madhya Pradesh and you are seeking government transportation to reach your centres, call on 181 helpline number for e-pass portal.  You can also take along one of your family members with you.

While many people are protesting against the conduct of JEE & NEET examination, the Madhya Pradesh government has offered all the NEET and JEE candidates free travel to their exam centres. The chief minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan has announced in a video that the Madhya Pradesh government will give all the candidates of JEE and NEET free transportation from their homes and the students from villages have to come to their boarding points to avail the free transportation from blocks and district headquarters.

This is going to help a lot of students amid this pandemic. These examinations are national level examinations. Facing any kind of loss in it will surely get heavy on all these candidates. The JEE exam is going to be held from 1-6th of September and NEET exam will be on 13th. Both of these examinations were postponed many times this year as per the government and the Supreme Court of India, any further delay in conducting these entrance examinations can cause a delay in the academic year and schedule of students.

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