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Letter on NEET

Sonia Gandhi to PM regarding NEET

The Congress President, Sonia Gandhi has written to the Prime Minister, Narendra Modi on the 3rd of July, to extend the reservation of Other Backward Classes candidates in the All India Quota of Medical and Dental courses even in India’s states and Union Territory’s medical Institutes. In her letter, she has brought up the issue of OBC candidates being denied reservations in states and Union Territory’s medical colleges. The reservation benefits have been given to OBC candidates only in the central government institutes. The prime reason to write this letter was to extend this benefit to state and Union Territory medical seats as well.

Under the All India Quota there are 15%, 7.5%, and 10% seats that are reserved for SC/ST, OBC, and Economically Weaker Section respectively in both the central government’s institutes as well as the state government institutes. When we take a look at the situation for medical courses from when NEET was applied, then we can see that the reservation of OBC candidates under AIQ that is All India Quote is bounded to Central Medical Institutes.

In this letter, Ms. Gandhi has comprised the data from the “All India Federation of Other Backward Classes“ stating that since the year 2017, OBC students have lost over 11,000 seats in the All India Quota. This has only happened due to the non-implementation of the Other Backward Classes reservation in state and Union Territory’s medical education institutes.

As per the Congress President, this denial of the reservation to the OBC students in the Union Territory and state medical colleges under All India Quota is violating the actual objective of the 93rd Constitutional Amendment and is also acting as a barrier for the deserving students to get a medical education. This Amendment allows the government to make a special plan for the advancement of a socially or educationally backward class of people which can also include giving them admissions to educational institutes.

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