Plight of students amid COVID 19

Everyone around us is in a perplexed state of mind. When it comes to education, every nation is trying its best to make up for the loss that todays students are facing due to the COVID-19 pandemic and lockdown. Students are facing a lot of problems both within their minds and in the outer world. It takes a lot for them to prepare for any examination or course, especially when a pandemic hits and everyone is traumatized. It is hard for students to keep a pragmatic mindset while dealing with studies as well as the pandemic. 

We at Education Abroad, are always there by your side to support and guide you to accomplish your dreams to become a doctor. Students all over the world are facing a lot of issues not only because of the pandemic but because of other issues related to their academic activities, etc. 

” A Lot has *tons* of questions ”  in their minds that are unanswered like What are the job opportunities at this point? What about travel restrictions? and so on.

The final-year students do not know whether companies will recruit this year or not. However, let us not lose hope, let us have faith that the world will get back to its normal state. 

Now let's talk about education around the globe.

As the Indian Embassy is not functional, students and their parents have a lot of queries in their minds. There are queries about the cancellation of Visas, whether or not the visa interview will take place or if the visa will be granted. As per an expert, there can be an estimated 40% drop in the demand for foreign education next year. 

According to the data provided by the Ministry of External Affairs, nearly 10.9 lakh Indian students were pursuing higher education in foreign countries till the date of July 2019. 

A few universities have introduced application fee waivers for those in need of financial assistance. Some universities are also planning to postpone the opening of their campuses, defer a semester, take assignments instead of internals, or hold open-book examinations. To continue with educational activities, many universities and schools have also stepped up with online classes.

But the truth about online classes:

No students want to enroll themselves in a course with online classes as there are still a lot of questions on the effect of online courses. Furthermore, we want to ensure the students that online classes are as effective as regular classes. Missing online classes leads to missing lectures from your professors on your particular subjects. Therefore, attend those online classes provided to you by your universities. Do not take it for granted. 

Not all universities around the globe can provide effective online classes and help students who are facing problems regarding their academics and semesters. However, those who get to attend online classes during this difficult time are fortunate enough to get a chance to continue with their academic activities without any stoppage.

Every State, center, and country is trying its best to support the students and the education system, especially during this critical time. We hope everything will get back to normal soon. Till then from the entire team of Education Abroad, Stay well, Stay Safe, and have faith!  Thank you!

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