Affect of Coronavirus on students

Affect of Corona Virus on Indian as well as abroad students!

As the number of coronavirus cases is increasing day by day. All governments are introducing a required measure to fight the battle against the virus. Every sector is suffering due to the pandemic. Even when we talk about the Education system, till now we cannot say that it has been able to work upon the losses students are facing globally.

In this article, we will discuss how coronavirus has affected India as well as abroad students. All the universities globally have shut their campuses. Now they are dependent on Online education Universities have already initiated online learning in place of face to face learning. A study conducted by  Q.S Quacquarelli Symonds Ltd.In says that due to the global crisis study abroad plan of 61% of students have been affected, whereas 27% of students have dropped their dream to study abroad. Out of the 27% of students who have dropped their dream to pursue their education from abroad 37% are planning to take admission next year and 33% are thinking to study in a different country.

Coronavirus and the nationwide lockdown have been impacting over 70% of the worlds student population. These steps have been taking to contain this virus. All we can do is to wait for a medicine or a vaccination that can cure COBID 19.

How is COVID 19 affecting studying abroad?

If you are planning to study abroad then you should follow up on the developments of the country you are planning to study in. To do this you can follow up on Instagram, YouTube, and other social medical platforms like Facebook and we would update you about the developments in other countries related to the COVID 19 pandemic. Now lets come to see how studies can get affected.

There would be no face to face learning or examination

There are restrictions on immigration

Eligibility for admission- There can be a delay in the final examination or your degree. That means that when you apply for a foreign program you would not be able to meet all the requirements of that university.

The process of admission and the deadlines- The COVID 19 pandemic is not only affecting the education system by the university administration too. As the colleges are already shut so it the administration too.

So this year you will need a lot of guidance and follow up for the place you want to study. We at Education Abroad are here to help you out in it so feel free to contact us. Thank you!

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