Breaking Stereotypes: Debunking Myths about Studying MBBS Abroad

    Studying medicine abroad has become increasingly popular, in recent years, among students who desire exceptional medical education and a wide range of learning opportunities. Unfortunately, misconceptions and stereotypes tend to circulate the notion of pursuing an MBBS degree overseas. To dispel these myths and provide a clear understanding of studying MBBS in Abroad, we have dedicated this blog post. 

    By addressing the realities associated with this educational journey, we hope to shed light on the many benefits it offers. From debunking notions of substandard education quality to breaking down language barriers, we aim to provide accurate information and insights. Moreover, we will explore the diverse career opportunities available to MBBS graduates and challenge the notion that studying MBBS abroad is exorbitantly expensive. By doing so, we hope to encourage prospective students to consider this path and embrace the enriching experience of studying medicine abroad.

    Myth: MBBS Degree from Abroad invalid in India

    Fact: Top Medical Universities Abroad offer quality MBBS program to all medical students. From different corners of the world. These medical universities are highly recognised by various medical institutions of the world including the World Directory of Medical Schools (WDOMS), the Educational Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates (ECFMG), the Foundation for Advancement of International Medical Education and Research (FAIMER), National Medical Commission (NMC, erstwhile the MCI) and the Medical Council of various other countries such as Canada, Australia, etc.

    With these recognitions, Foreign Medical Graduates can appear for Foreign Medical Graduate Examination (FMGE)/ National Exit Test (NExT), a medical licensing examination in India that allows FMGs to practice medicine in India after MBBS from Abroad. Therefore, MBBS from Abroad at the top medical universities is valid in India.

    Myth: Bilingual MBBS Degree

    Fact: While it is commonly believed that many medical universities abroad use bilingual instruction, numerous top medical universities abroad prove that medical education is provided entirely in English. This alleviates the language barrier for foreign students who aspire to study medicine abroad. The growing number of international students seeking to pursue an MBBS degree abroad has led to universities offering comprehensive education in English. Additionally, these institutions often require international students to learn the host country’s basic native language in their first year to enhance communication with locals and during their final years at the time of clinical rotations. As a result, the medium of instruction in the leading medical universities abroad is primarily English.

    Myth: Studying MBBS Abroad is Expensive 

    Fact: Studying MBBS abroad has gained popularity among Indian students due to the availability of affordable medical education in top universities. Compared to other European countries, the overall cost of living abroad is relatively low. Despite the lower costs, the quality of living matches the standards of European living. International students also have the advantage of enjoying student discounts on public transportation, restaurants, and other amenities, although the extent of these benefits varies depending on individual expenses. Students need to manage their finances wisely and make informed choices to ensure a comfortable and cost-effective stay while pursuing their medical education abroad.

    Myth: FMGE/NExT is Too Tough To Qualify

    Fact: The Foreign Medical Graduate Exam (FMGE) is often labelled as one of the most difficult exams for medical students of India. The exam is conducted for all Foreign Medical Graduates who have completed their MBBS from abroad and want to practice medicine in India. The FMGE is conducted twice a year. To ace the exam, students studying MBBS abroad are required to continuously stay on track with their studies and prepare themselves for their licensing examination. Studying MBBS in top medical universities abroad gives the students a chance to get the needed coaching for FMGE/NExT as well as other medical licensing exams such as USMLE, etc. 

    Myth: Lack of Career Opportunities

    Fact: Studying MBBS Abroad opens up plenty of opportunities for Indian students in terms of career. MBBS from abroad offers a diverse experience at a global level. Students graduating from top medical universities abroad have multiple opportunities to pursue their career apart from Medical Practice, this includes pursuing Postgraduate, Specialization, and Residency Programs, Research programs, Hospital Administration and Healthcare Management, Public Health and Global Health, Medical Writing and Communication, Medical Consultancy and Medical Tourism, etc. 


    Studying MBBS in Abroad for Indian Students has been an increasing demand for many years. At the Top Medical Universities, Medical students seeking a quality MBBS program is offered in English medium. Although some uncertainties and myths circulate around that deviate medical aspirants from their path to success, it is important to get the right information from a reliable source before making an important decision.

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