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Top 3 Countries To Study MBBS Abroad For Indian Students in Asia

A career in medicine demands alot from the medical aspirants in terms of time, finance, and their commitment. It has been more than a decade that many Indian medical aspirants go overseas to study MBBS every year. Considering the limited number of seats for MBBS in India at the government medical colleges, a growing number of searches for the best medical universities abroad are clearly visible over the years. 

MBBS degree is one of the most respected careers in the world. Medical aspirants from different corners of the world pursue MBBS for numerous reasons. Though medical degree is one of the most expensive careers, different universities or colleges in various countries offer the best options for the students to pursue their dreams.

Today, in many Asian countries, many medical universities and colleges are offering an impeccable MBBS course at an affordable cost. Most of these medical universities offer world-class MBBS course and are also recognized globally. 

For Medical Aspirants, choosing the top-notch medical universities for MBBS Abroad is one of the first steps toward accomplishing their dream of becoming doctors. Therefore, choosing the best destination that meets all your requirements is very important. 

Which Country to Choose for Indian students to study MBBS Abroad in Asia?

Indian medical aspirants, move worldwide to study medicine at an affordable cost. There are many medical universities abroad that are offering the best medical education with modern infrastructure, best technologies, great clinical training and excellent international exposure. 
Here are the Top 3 countries for Indian students to study MBBS Abroad in Asia:


Bangladesh is a South Asian country situated in the East of India on the Bay of Bengal. It is well-known for its beautiful green scenery and many waterways. Bangladesh is called the “Land of Rivers”. The three largest rivers of Asia, the Ganges (locally known as Padma), the Brahmaputra (known as Jamuna), and the Meghna river, flow through Bangladesh from the fertile Bengal delta (the Largest Delta in the Wolrd) into the Bay of Bengal.

Bangladesh’s climate is tropical with a mild winter and a hot and humid summer and monsoon that lasts from June to October. The country has never recorded an air temperature below 0°C.

MBBS in Bangladesh

Bangladesh is one of the famous destinations for MBBS Abroad. The MBBS degree from the top medical colleges of Bangladesh is globally recognized and at an affordable cost. The average cost of MBBS in Bangladesh is between 24 lakh to 30 lakh INR. The cost of living in Bangladesh is also low. There are a large number of students who wish to study MBBS in Bangladesh at the top medical colleges of Bangladesh.

  1. List of Top Medical Colleges of Bangladesh
  2. Popular Medical College
  3. Medical College of Women & Hospital
  4. Dhaka National Medical College
  5. Shahabuddin Medical College
  6. Bikrampur Bhuiyan Medical College


Kyrgyzstan is a beautiful country located in Central Asia. It is also known as "the Switzerland of Central Asia". Issyk-Kul Lake, or Ysyk-Köl in Kyrgyz, in the north-eastern Tian Shan is the largest lake in Kyrgyzstan and the second largest mountain lake in the world after Titicaca. The climate in the country is extremely hot in summer and extremely cold in winter. Kyrgyzstan is the third most vulnerable to the effects of climate change. 

Kyrgyz is the state language of Kyrgyzstan. While Russian is additionally an official language of Kyrgyzstan adopted in 1997. 

MBBS in Kyrgyzstan

MBBS in Kyrgyzstan is one of the most popular choices for Indian students to study MBBS Abroad. Top Medical Universities that offer MBBS degree at an affordable cost are recognized globally. Indian students who wish to study abroad choose Kyrgyzstan as their study destination. The quality of medical education provided at the medical universities of Kyrgyzstan is comparable to that of the European standards. 

  1. List of Top Medical Universities of Kyrgyzstan
  2. Osh State University
  3. Jalal-Abad State University
  4. International School of Medicine
  5. Kyrgyz State Medical Academy
  6. Kyrgyz Russian Slavic University
  7. Asian Medical Institute


Armenia is a landlocked country in the rocky Caucasus area among Asia and Europe. It is verged on the North by Georgia, east by Azerbaijan, the South by Iran, and the Southwest and West by Turkey. The climate in Armenia is considerably pleasant with warm Summers and cold winters. 

MBBS in Armenia

MBBS in Armenia can be one of the best options for Indian students seeking to study MBBS Abroad in any Asian country. Armenia offers the best medical education at a low cost where students have the best of everything they wish for during their medical education journey. 

Top Medical Universities of Armenia are well-equipped with modern infrastructure, modern laboratories, and other technologies uses for medical education. Admissions to the Top medical universities of Armenia for MBBS degree is a hassle-free process. The universities follow a US based curriculum to provide world-class quality education to their students.

  1. List of Top Medical Universities of Armenia
  2. Yerevan State Medical University
  3. Mkhitar Gosh Armenian-Russian International University
  4. St. Tereza Medical University
  5. The University of Traditional Medicine
  6. Yerevan Haybusak University

Benefits of studying MBBS at the Top Medical Universities Abroad in Asia for Indian Students

  1. Easy admission procedure
  2. No entrance
  3. No Donation Required
  4. English Medium MBBS Degree
  5. Safe and comfortable Environment 
  6. Affordability of living
  7. Good exposure for the students
  8. Cost-effective fee structure
  9. NMC(MCI) approved universities


The cost of doing MBBS is quite expensive, therefore before selecting the medical university for MBBS Degree, students are advised to thoroughly research about the university and their various options. Students need to take care of several other factors including other expenses apart from their tuition fees and hostel fees. 

Countries like Bangladesh, Kyrgyzstan and Armenia offer the best medical education at an affordable cost. The MBBS Degree from these countries are recognized globally. Indian students who graduated MBBS from these foreign countries need to pass the Foreign Medical Graduates Examination (FMGE) to earn a legal license to practice medicine in India.

We provide a comprehensive guide to all medical aspirants seeking to study MBBS Abroad at an affordable cost. If you wish to study MBBS Abroad, connect with us through our helpline number 1800-123-125050 or visit our website @https://www.theeducationabroad.com/ 

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