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Every year at this time, we try and put some effort to smoothen the toughest part for the medical aspirants. We know it is really hard to undergo a rigorous preparation schedule and appear for this exam in order to become a successful doctor in India.

But in the end, we all have to accept the crude reality that no matter what, we tend to become irrational and altruistic about the results. It is absolutely normal to expect that one seat is all that you want from the sixty-odd thousand seats available in India, but you also need to consider the fact more than 15 lac students will be appearing with the same intention.

Clearly, the Indian Healthcare System requires more doctors, than our Educational Procedures permit on a yearly basis. And this ratio is so skewed that in the end, only one doctor is available for more than 10 thousand patients. In accordance with the norms laid out by WHO, ideally, one doctor should be readily available for nothing more than 1.5 thousand patients.

Therefore, Indian Healthcare System requires a lot of quality doctors which can eventually help the nation become developed, progressive and health-conscious.

So the next question is how do we fill this gap which is widening on a yearly basis?

Do we need to compromise with the quality standards?

Do we need to import foreign doctors?

Or we can send our deserving candidates to affordable destinations for accomplishing their medical education and provide them on the ground knowledge, once they get back!

Of the three available options, we believe the third one is the most rational, pocket-friendly and just in nature.

Now the question arises, how can we find a genuinetrustworthy and reliable Overseas Education Consultant for sharing the complete picture!

Many times we have heard that students as well as parents from economically mediocre regions settle for alternatives and give up on their dreams.

Few others get involved in the DEBT-TRAP for fulfilling their academic dreams to pursue a career in medicine abroad.

We have also met a few candidates, who really find it difficult to leave their native places and pursue their higher education elsewhere.

Believe us, when we say we have a solution for all the above-mentioned situations and so we would like to invite all those students who wish to believe firmly in their dreams and understand the amount of effort it would ask for.

MBBS from Abroad is an achievable dream which can really help you to enhance your domain knowledge, groom your personality for future and lastly allow you to practice medicine in India after clearing FMGE Test on your return.

We facilitate the cause at more than 400+ Top Medical Universities Abroad, to help you lead a simplified yet fulfilling career in medicine.

We believe you deserve the right to avail of quality medical education in a distant land, without worrying about anything else. And so, we ensure that our Student Representatives are there with you at all times. We have pledged to combat all the obstacles on your path to become a great doctor.

Call us for more information about MBBS in Abroad on our Student Helpline Number 1800-123-125050.

Our Overseas Education Experts are here to help you. Feel Free to get in touch!