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Everything about domestic air travel

Everything about domestic air travel

Do’s and Don’ts to be kept in mind before traveling

The Union Minister for Civil Aviation Hardeep Puri has announced that the domestic flight operations will restart in the country in a "calibrated manner" from May 25, 2020. Aarogya Setu App will not be mandatory for children below the age of 14 and all the passengers will have to walk through the thermal screening zones before they enter the airport terminal building. 

So now we will discuss all the do’s, don’ts, and even other details that have to be kept in mind before you travel.

The Do’s are:

  • You will have to maintain the social distancing norms
  • If you want to travel then you will have to verify your health status through the Aarogya Setu App or from a declaration form
  • You will have to use the self-declaration form
  • Make web check-in and do obtain your boarding pass
  • You can only take one check-in bag and one cabin bag
  • Vulnerable persons like the elderly, passengers with some kind of ailment and pregnant ladies are advised to avoid air travel
  • You will have to download the baggage tag or the identification number, print it out and stick it to the bag you are taking along where it can be seen properly.
  • If you fail to do this then you ought to mention the PNR number on a piece of paper and tag it along with the luggage
  • All the passengers will always have to wear a mask
  • Report to the airport 2 hours before your flight
  • Travel in an authorized taxi/personal vehicle and follow the norms specified by MHA.
  • While traveling to the airport, the traveler should take all precautions to prevent infection

The don’ts

You cannot travel :

  • If you live in the containment zone
  • If you are tested positive for COVID 19

The Declaration:

The traveler shall give a declaration that:

  • He/she is not living in any containment zone.
  • He/she is not suffering from any symptoms of COVID 19
  • He/she is not under quarantine.
  • If he/she develops any of the COVID 19’s symptoms, they will get connected to the concerned health authorities.
  • He/she has not tested COVID-19 positive.
  • He/she is eligible to travel as per the extant norms.
  • He/she shall make the mobile number/contact details available to the airlines whenever required by them.
  • He/she understands that if they go through the air journey without meeting the eligibility criteria mentioned above, they will be liable to penal action. The airline would ensure that the boarding pass is issued only to the travelers who confirms to the above declaration

Precautions inside the aircraft

  • All the passengers have to strictly follow hygiene, sanitation, and Face to face interaction to be minimized
  • Minimum movement in the aisles
  • No queuing for toilets
  • No meals will be provided but water bottles will be made available in the gallery or on the seat.
  • Do not consume any eatable while you are in the flight
  • No newspaper or magazine will be provided onboard

From the airport to the destination

  • Debarkation from the airlines would be sequential
  • While leaving, passengers have to strictly follow Social distance
  • Sanitation ought to be maintained at the arrival gate, jet ladder, ramps, and even in coaches. 
  • Trolleys in the arrival area to be used very less

How to collect your baggage?

  • You will have to wait at the baggage hold area till the luggage arrives in batches
  • Transit Travellers will not be allowed to come out of the transit area

How you can exit the airport?

  • Hire only authorized taxis
  • You will have to follow the social distancing and hygiene while traveling in any mode of transportation
  • After you reach the destination, passengers are requested to stick to health protocols as prescribed by the local authorities.

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