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Factor to consider before pursuing MBBS abroad

With the 2020 NEET exams concluding, students who cleared the prestigious exam are looking forward to admissions in their desired colleges. All the medical seats in different medical colleges across India are up for grabs. However, due to heavy competition and the inferior quality of lesser-known Indian medical institute, the students are tempted to look for options outside India. the exotic locations, the cuisine and the employment opportunities obviously are the reasons why students actually prefer pursuing MBBS abroad. But there are downsides to every choice. 

The whole problem with students choosing abroad as an option is always with the lack of information regarding the conditions of the country and more importantly the condition and infrastructure of medical colleges in those countries. countries like USA, Russia, Ukraine, Bangladesh, the Caribbean islands and others provide quality education in the medical field. However, students are either misinformed or totally uninformed about the opportunities and challenges the pursuance presents.

Before a student would choose to finalise their decision with regards to the college, one must ensure certain conditions before they go through with their decision. Firstly and most importantly, the Medical Council of India must recognise the college otherwise neither does the degree hold any value nor will the student be allowed to practice in India. Ascertain the course is in English medium since English is the only language with which any Indian student would be most comfortable. 

Affordability has been an important issue for any Indian student. In this situation, a student should scrutinize the tuition fee and other expenditures during the entire course. A student should be clear about the knowledge of the duration of the entire course, the number of semesters and related information to the course.
Apart from that the training hospitals and the training facilities must be known to the student in order to get complete knowledge. The student must get in touch with the students of previous batches to evaluate the standard of education. One of the major reasons for misinformation is regarding the complete knowledge of how and what education is imparted, the pass out student would be a great help in such matters. Talking to the alumni of the study program will help them to comprehend their successes and struggles.

Students desirous of studying MBBS abroad must acquire a Passport well in advance before applying for the course. Once the student gets admission to any university of their choice, they require visa stamping from the embassy of that country. For countries like China and Kyrgyzstan, the applicant will have to appear in person in the Embassy for issuing of the visa.

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