Foreign Medical Graduates wants to aid this pandemic

Indian students who want to become doctors and aid the lives of millions are most of the time left with no hope to get into government medical colleges of the nation and the private medical colleges are costly. Thus, they are left with no option but to look for MBBS in abroad. Getting their MBBS degree from a foreign university helps them to fulfill their dreams at a reasonable price because most of the middle-class families cannot afford their childs medical education in private colleges which costs between 50 lakh to 1 lakh. Every parent has always wanted to give the best he/she has to their children. So MBBS in abroad seems like the best option when it comes to balancing pocket and dreams.

As this COVID19 has affected the nation. There are many concerns related to the medical sector in India. Doctors are getting improper security and care. You must have heard about the lack of healthcare workers in hospitals and many more things that present the imbalance of our health care sector.

With this, more than 20, 000 foreign medical graduates have written to the government to allow them to aid during the period of pandemic without the mandatory FMGE examination, which they have to clear to be certified doctors in Indian.

The All India Foreign Medical Graduates Association has written to the President, Prime Minister, and also to the Health Ministry asking for the license to fight against coronavirus.

The letter consisted of the issue of a shortage of doctors in the country. This was the prime reason behind this letter and their urge to get along with the medical workforce and make it better. If we see the latest government figures then our country has 1 doctor for 1.457 citizens. This is the reason why these students who have done their MBBS from abroad are seeking an exemption from the exam they have to give for being a certified doctor in India.

This appeal will have approximately 20,000 MBBS doctors and 3,000 specialists to the current medical workforce. However, there is no reply from either side. Even the Health Ministry, as well as the Medical Council of India, have not answered their letter. All we can do is wait and watch. Let us see what the government has to say regarding this. What is your opinion on it?

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