Funny weird phrases that are used within the medical industry.

    We all love PJ’s and weird funny terms. But one wonders when there are funny terms in the most serious of business of them all i.e. the medical profession. So here are 10 funny terms that will have you wondering if the medical profession is all that serious or not!

    1. Bug Juice

    You may know this one! That one time when you have had a serious infection, the doctor might have prescribed antibiotics to get rid of the illness or to prevent it from taking hold. In the medical profession, some healthcare professionals like to use the phrase ‘Bug Juice’ to highlight antibiotics as the force that will help get rid of some of the internal bugs that a patient might have. Think of it like an antivirus for your PC when it is infected by bugs that affect the operating system, similarly, antibiotics can get rid of bugs that affect our immune system to get us back to normal health and well-being.

    2.Vitamin IQ Deficiency

    People who visit the doctor for medical help have all kinds of deficiencies.You must have heard a healthcare worker say “You have vitamin A deficiency!” or “You are just running low on vitamin D.” But how many times have you heard a doctor say (to their patients) “You have vitamin IQ deficiency.” Probably never, right? A doctor will not use this term or say it directly to the person’s face. They may use it as a remark to the patient who just isn’t following the advice of medical professionals or of those who are closest to him.

    3. Yellow Submarine

    In our list of funny medical terms, this one is next that many healthcare professionals use. Yellow submarines are a reference to those patients who are suffering jaundice and out of which their appearance has turned yellow because of their liver complication.

    4. Cut and Paste

    This is a very common phrase for computer users where you cut a part of the text from one document and paste it in another. But weirdly, this phrase is also used by medical professionals. In some healthcare procedures the phrase ‘cut and paste’ is used to indicate that they tried to perform a procedure. But the procedure was unsuccessful and couldn’t do anything to potentially assist the patient or delay the condition that was affecting them. The version of cut and paste in doctor vocabulary is when the surgeon cuts open a patient, realizes they couldn’t do anything and pastes the incision back together.

    5. Snot docs

    This one is a funny medical term used for doctors otherwise known as Pulmonologist. These are doctors who work intimately with organs that help us breathe. Snot docs are specialists for organs including the pharynx, larynx, bronchi, alveoli, bronchioles, trachea, mouth, and nose.


    We have covered a lot of funny phrases that highlight different types of healthcare professionals, patients, scenarios, and conditions. But doughnut is straight up funny one as it is used for a CT scanner that a patient might have to go through to get an accurate diagnosis.

    7.White Cloud

    The opposite of white cloud is a common phrase that ‘There is a black cloud hanging over his head.’ The meaning of this phrase is that there is something bad that is going to happen. On the contrary white cloud is a phrase that is commonly used when the healthcare worker has to deal with an easy patient or make an easy diagnosis regularly. White cloud individuals never seem to have busy days and for them, everything seems to just go easy.


    Those who are in the medical profession deal with all kinds of storms on a daily basis, considering how chaotic the industry is. One funny medical phrase that some have associated with the chaotic environment of the healthcare industry is blamestorming. Not a very common everyday phrase but is one that almost everyone has experienced. Blamestorming is someone looking to blame someone. It is a situation where an individual might cause a storm trying to figure out who to blame or who is responsible for a certain mishap.

    9.Dump Job

    Owing to a multitude of reasons some patients cannot receive adequate care or be handled in an efficient manner. This could be due to the current facility being too busy with a multitude of patient cases at any given time. In such a scenario a 'Dump job' might be performed where the patient is transferred to another facility or hospital and the original facility doesn't have to deal with the patient anymore.


    As we have highlighted various funny phrases used in the healthcare industry, some are not so kind even though they are amusing to hear and say. Noctor is among such phrases that is used in an unfriendly manner. A noctor is a nurse that behaves or often believes they are a doctor.

    In conclusion, the medical profession is not averse to some humor found in the form of funny terms that are used knowingly or sometimes unknowingly by healthcare professionals. These funny phrases are certainly not for inducing laughter, but when placed in the right context one cannot help but find them funny and humorous!

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