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5 Ways To Save Money While Studying MBBS Abroad

How To Save Money While Studying MBBS Abroad?


Due to the cut-throat competition to get the best medical education, every year thousands of students choose to study MBBS abroad.

However, for all the medical students in India, it is a common belief that studying abroad could be an expensive affair. It is not just the fees but also the travel and living expenses that makes it seem like an option only for the elites. But it’s not so.

Regarding the fees, many countries like Russia, Ukraine, Kyrgyzstan, Armenia, Bangladesh, Caribbean countries, etc offer extremely feasible and affordable medical education. The best medical universities in these countries also offer quality accomodation and canteen facilities keeping in the need of all its international students. However, this doesn't include the personal expenses.

Therefore, many students often think that it would be difficult to manage and save money with MBBS Abroad. So, today we bring you some solutions that can actually help you save you from your monetary trouble during our course of medical study abroad.

1. Scholarship programs: If you have opted to study MBBS abroad, applying for a scholarship can actually help you, especially if you have been an exceptional performer in academic as well as a non-academic field supported by the credentials to prove the same.

There are dozens of medical universities across the globe offering student scholarships based on different eligibility criteria. At Education Abroad, we provide you various scholarships to facilitate your medical study abroad. All in all, securing a scholarship can be a huge help if you save a lot during your study abroad.

2. Part-Time Jobs: Most countries around the world allow students to work for a minimum of 20 hours a week during their undergraduate studies. The duration of the working hour may differ from region to region and university to university. Some of the medical universities provide part-time job facilities within the campus itself.

Studying MBBS abroad requires you to put in a lot of time and effort in your studies. However, in order to live comfortably in a new country, you don’t necessarily need to burden your family but instead help them financially by making some money of your own.

3. Opening A Bank Account: Once you have secured your MBBS admission abroad and landed in a new country, it is essential for you to open a bank account in a local bank. This will give you many benefits like keeping your money safe and avoid any unnecessary expenditure or currency conversion charges. 

It is always advisable to start saving a part of your earnings, if you have got a part time job it will help you in keeping money safe in the bank and not spending the entire amount. The small savings every week can yield a big amount which you can use in case of emergency or when you really need to buy that favourite jacket you had been eyeing upon for a while.

4. Accommodations: The major expense for any student studying MBBS abroad is the cost of accommodation. The dormitories and hostels provided by the universities are comparatively cheaper when compared to individual apartments or even shared ones. Also, choosing a hostel will help you save on the cost of travelling to and from the university everyday.

5.Selecting The Right country and university: The first step, even before choosing the medical university to study MBBS abroad, is to have a complete understanding of life in the country and university. Inquiring about the cost of living in any country before making a final choice is extremely important. 

There are instances where the course fee to study MBBS in abroad country might be les but the cost of living may be high. Hence, it is essential for you to strike a perfect balance between the course fee and the cost of living while studying MBBS abroad and then round upon your university and country. You can also take the help of the counsellor to help you in making this decision.

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