last minute tips and tricks for NEET 2020

As the exam day is approaching in, many of you might be having mixed feelings with tons of questions in your head. We understand that these are the critical few days in your life and you must remember that it is important to understand the importance of time as well. With just a few days until your exam, here are a few tips on last-minute preparations for NEET 2020. It is important to put these small tips into good use with the precious little time you have as it will help you appear for your exam with confidence.

The National Eligibility cum Entrance Test (NEET) is a common entrance test for admissions to MBBS courses in India and Abroad. In this article, we aim at reaching out to the candidates to sharpen their skills for the NEET 2020 exam.

Few Last-minute tips and tricks for NEET 2020:

Time is important: With the exam around the corner, you might be feeling stressed and anxious about what to prepare or study during these last few days or hours for the exam. Every ticking time is important. Though every individual’s learning capability differs from the others, it’s important to stay focused during this critical time before your NEET exam. 

Health is wealth: It’s no point in studying for hours during this time. It is now time for you to stay fit and healthy as well. Balance your time during this last-minute preparation phase. Do everything on time. Do not miss your food and sleep, as this will give your body and mind the energy to focus for the exam.

Refrain from starting new topics: Starting a new topic at this last minute is not recommendable. It will only increase your anxiety level for the exam and you will tend to forget what you have learned or what you have prepared. However, if you have missed out on an important topic, you can refer to the right question bank or right book in order to cover up the important topic on time.

Revision: Rather than confusing yourself with the new chapter or topic, it’s important you revise the formula, diagrams, tables, graphs and other topics that you have studied up until now. Make sure that you cover all the topics from all three subjects.

Talk to your seniors: To know more about what NEET has in store for you, talk to your seniors they have the experience and knowledge regarding NEET. They will give you the advice you need during this last-minute time.

Know your capability: Your hard work from the beginning of this year has probably shaped you into a knowledgeable and skilful person. By now you might have as well known your strength and weakness. However, at this point of time, it is important you stick to your strengths and know what you are capable of doing during the exam time. 

Stay Motivated: Having a positive mindset is very important as it gives you the ability to be productive. Taking breaks during your last-minute preparations sharpens your mind. Therefore, take your time to spend some time doing what you love, and talk to your parents or friends, it will refresh your mind and also help you stay motivated.

Remember, getting an 8 hours of sleep is a must. It gives you the energy and motivation you need.

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