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MBBS AND PG Seat Count

Read more about MBBS and PG Courses seats in India

Do you know how many medical colleges are participating in NEET 2020? There are 533 medical colleges in the country which offer MBBS courses and 436 providing MS &MD quoted by Health Minister.

The minister of state for health and family welfare has provided detailed information about MBBS and pg courses in the nation. He informed that 436 out of the total 533 medical colleges who were permitted are offering PG courses. As per the notification received from the board of governors, 261 Medical Colleges are under private management. There are a total of 436 Medical Colleges providing MS and MD courses.

The minister further evaluated the parliament about the steps that were taken by the government to add Post Graduate Seats in the country. 

The student-teacher ratio has been revised to 1:1 to 1:2 for MD & MS students and 1:1 to 1:3 for all clinical courses in government-funded medical colleges and in private colleges that are standing for 15 years., 

1:1 to 1:2 and 1:3 has been revised for associate professors, he/ she is the unit head for all clinical subjects in government-funded medical colleges and private colleges which are standing from 15 years.

This has increased the number of PG seats in India.

It has also taken steps for Strengthening and up-gradation of the state government medical colleges for starting new pg. courses and increased seats

Also by amending the rules, now it has been made compulsory for all medical colleges to start teaching pg. courses within 3 years from the date when they get recognition. The medical colleges can apply for clinical pg. courses at 4th renewal time.

So, now you know how many colleges and seats are waiting for you to achieve them. All you need to accomplish all your dreams to become a doctor is you need to study hard. Practice as much as you can on NEET mock test and be focused and consistent every day. You are getting there believe yourself! 

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