MBBS in Bangladesh for Indian medical Students


With the release of the NEET 2019 result, it was clear that this year again only 7-8% of students will be able to achieve their dream of becoming a qualified and recognized doctor from Indian medical colleges. Before discussing this major concern any further, lets have a look at NEET 2019 Data-

Total students registered for NEET 2019- 15.19 lakhs

Total appeared for NEET 2019- 14,10,755

Students qualified NEET 2019- 7,97,042

Number of MBBS seats in India 2019- Approx 68000

Looking at the data above, it was clear that out of 8 lakhs aspiring medical students, less than 70000 deserving students were able to achieve their dreams of becoming a qualified doctor and the remaining are left with limited options. The limited options include the changing of the stream, or dropping one precious academic year and appear for NEET 2020 while hoping for the best to qualify it and seek admission in Indian medical colleges. But there is one more option which the majority of students stress before opting for it is MBBS abroad. 

Yes, todays blog will majorly focus on MBBS abroad and which is the best country for Indian medical aspirants to study MBBS abroad. 

Questions about MBBS abroad-

Starting with, there are many question and queries related to MBBS abroad such as students graduating from foreign medical schools or university are not eligible to practice their medical career in India or does not get the government job or the Indian students studying MBBS abroad are treated very badly and all such stuff! Do not worry as the next section will answer all the questions and queries a student goes through while thinking of pursuing MBBS abroad.

Answers to MBBS abroad questions-

If we look upon the statistics, every year around 10,000 Indian medical aspirants get themselves enrolled in various medical universities abroad. So, we just that from this number, your thoughts are clear that these days a huge majority of Indian students are heading to abroad to achieve their dream of becoming a successful and well-qualified doctor. Moving ahead we would like to enlighten you that Indian students after being graduated from foreign medical universities are 100% eligible to practice their medical career in India and thus are also eligible for government medical jobs. Its just that they have to qualify the national FMGE screening, for which all the foreign medical universities give free preparatory classes starting from the first year of the medical program. In fact, Indian students in foreign countries are treated with great respect and are welcomed warmly by all the local students. Indian students studying MBBS  abroad always get an added advantage such as Indian mess in the hostels, the celebration of major Indian festivals, comfortable and safe accommodation with all the facilities which are mandatory for a comfortable stay and everything which make their stay in the foreign country easy while pursuing their medical education. 

Which country to choose to study MBBS abroad?

Now the major and biggest question which confuses every student who plans of studying MBBS abroad is which country to choose for pursuing MBBS. With so many options available, we recommend Indian students to choose MBBS in Bangladesh. One of the major reason is that in the recent times, Bangladesh has proven a wonderful improvement in the field of medical education. There are many reasons why an Indian medical aspirant should opt for MBBS in Bangladesh, which we will be discussing further in this blog! Keep reading&

Why MBBS in Bangladesh?

Being a neighboring country of India, the cost and time for traveling automatically gets reduced. Indian students studying MBBS in Bangladesh feel like they are studying in India only as the country have the same medical syllabus with the same authors of books. Not only this MBBS in Bangladesh have similar study patterns as MBBS in India. Not only students during their clinical trial deal with similar diseases which are majorly prevalent in India. The pattern of examination is exactly the same as that in Indian medical schools, in fact, the duration of MBBS in Bangladesh is the same as in India. 

Bangladesh has the Top Medical Medical Universities who are recognized globally for offering world-class medical education with premium quality standards to all international students at an affordable cost. Yes! You read it right. The fees of MBBS in Bangladesh is very much cheaper as compared to the fees of MBBS offered by other countries of the world. In fact, the syllabus and study pattern offered by all the medical universities of Bangladesh is considered amongst the best education pattern of heath education all across the globe.  

A vast majority of students from India, Nepal, Pakistan, Afghanistan and other parts of world are enthusiastically enrolling in the medical universities of Bangladesh. One of the major reason because of which the majority of Indian students heading to Bangladesh for studying MBBS is that all the medical universities of Bangladesh are approved by Bangladesh Medical and Dental Council along with the Medical Council of Indian and are enlisted in the World Directory of Medical Schools (WDOMS). This statement means that Indian medical students after their successful graduation from Bangladesh medical colleges are eligible to continue practicing their medical careers in India.

International students usually dont experience any language barrier as all the teaching staff in various medical colleges of Bangladesh are very much proficient with the English language. In short, the medical colleges of Bangladesh uses the English language as the medium of instruction for all enrolled International students. All the medical colleges of Bangladesh have state-of-the-art infrastructure along with highly qualified and skilled educational staff.  

All enrolled international students get the chance to interact with the patients directly during their clinical trials. Not only this, all the medical universities of Bangladesh has maintained healthy relations with the medical universities of other countries which in return favors the students in gaining extensive experience. Students get the chance to participate in various inter-college student exchange programs, seminars, debates, conferences and other such activities which leads to the overall development of every enrolled medical student. 

If we talk about accommodation and security, then you will be happy to know that all the medical universities of Bangladesh offer comfortable and safe accommodation to all enrolled Indian students. The rooms are usually offered on sharing basis of same genders and have all the basic amenities which are mandatory for a comfortable stay. Apart from basic amenities, all the rooms have a central cooling and heating system, Wi-Fi facilities, and laundry facilities. All the rooms are under the supervision of the warden, therefore outsiders are not allowed inside the hostel premises with anyones permission. The girls hostel is under the supervision of the female warden and girls are not allowed to go outside the hostel after 8:00 pm. The entire hostel is under CCTV surveillance for security purpose. 

All the medical colleges of Bangladesh have Indian mess in their hostels which offers healthy, tasty and nutritious veg and non-veg Indian food to all the students at pocket-friendly budgets. 

All the daily requirements facilities such as grocery store, cyber cafes, restaurants, medical stores, cafes,  bus stops, and other such facilities are just at walking distance of 10-15 minutes from every medical college. 

Famous medical colleges to Study MBBS in Bangladesh-

  • Bangladesh Medical College
  • Dhaka National medical college
  • Barind medical college
  • Community-Based Medical College
  • Eastern Medical college
  • Southern Medical College
  • Khwaja Yunus Ali Medical College
  • Kumudini Womens Medical College, Dhaka
  • Medical College for Womens Uttara Dhaka
  • Sylhet Womens Medical College, Sylhet

Before going any further lets have a look at the MBBS Bangladesh MCI Passing Percentage-

Admission Process for studying MBBS in Bangladesh-

  • Go through all available colleges and universities in Bangladesh visit MBBS Fees in Bangladesh. Make choice after careful thought and consideration.
  • Application forms are available online through official websites of Bangladesh High Commission or Deputy High Commission Of Bangladesh. Fill the form and attach all required documents.
  • Now it is the turn of the institution. Their team will analyze your application and they will reply
  • Once you get the invitation letter then you can go ahead for a deposit of fees.
  • Go to the High Commission of Bangladesh and apply for a student visa. High commission offices are located in New Delhi, Kolkata, Agartala, Mumbai, Guwahati and Bangalore.
  • Once VISA approved then go to college/university and explore MBBS study in Bangladesh at a very affordable cost.

Or for a more simpler admission process, you can visit our official website at- www.theeducationabroad.com or you can dial on our student-helpline number- 1800-123-125050 to get in touch with one of our expert MBBS in Bangladesh student advisors and get all the information related to MBBS in Bangladesh and initiate the admission process without any hassle.

Eligibility Criteria for MBBS in Bangladesh-

To seek admission in any medical college of Bangladesh, an Indian medical aspirant has to have qualify  NEET with qualifying marks. (as per the MCI, from 2019 onwards Indian students who are planning to seek admission in the medical universities of Abroad have to qualify NEET.)

Now lets have a look at some pointers to see what are the other Advantages of pursuing MBBS from Bangladesh-

Mentioned below are some of the best reasons because of which the majority of Indian students are heading to study MBBS in Bangladesh-

  • MBBS fees in Indian colleges are skyrocketing while the story is totally different when we consider our neighboring country. In government colleges of Bangladesh, 75 seats reserved for foreign candidates while 25 per cent seats in private colleges are filled by non-native students.
  • For students of SAARC countries, a fees waiver is also available.
  • Many would-be worried about language because of Bangladeshs integrity with the Bengali language. For the MBBS course, the language of instruction is English.
  • Bangladesh has a huge list of medical colleges approved by the Medical Council of India under the act of 1956.
  • Direct admission to the MBBS course is also possible without any donation.
  • After course completion in Bangladesh, a clear screen test organized by the Medical Council of India and start practicing here.
  • MBBS courses in Bangladesh are recognized by South East Asia Regional Organization for Medical Council.
  • Bangladesh is Asias most densely populated country. There is enough flow of patients for clinical studies.
  • Bangladesh is the same as Indias West Bengal so there will be no language or culture problem.
  • If you are in eastern India then any city in Bangladesh namely Rajshahi, Dhaka, Chittagong, etc would be closer than Delhi and Mumbai.
  • Bangladesh is emerging as a hub for education as a huge influx of students from Asian, Europe, and African countries can be seen. India and Nepal are two major contributors when it comes to foreign students in Bangladesh.

So now that you have read our complete blog, we hope that you have got the answers to all your questions related to MBBS in Bangladesh. And if your planning to seek admission in any of the medical colleges of Bangladesh, then immediately get in touch with our expert student advisor on our student helpline number- 1800-123-125050 or you can also leave your query on our official website- www.theeducationabroad.com

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