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MBBS Abroad University Transfer of Indian Students

Medical University Transfer: MBBS Student Transfer From One University To Another

Though it sounds a bit perplexing at the first glance, medical university transfer has been an existential concept for a long time. There have been Indian MBBS students who had first taken admissions to top medical universities in abroad, but later changed their minds for various reasons. MBBS transfer is the process of transferring your credits from one university to another in the middle of your medical education and requires fulfillment of certain documentation procedures by the students. 

The MBBS migration process has simplified the path of MBBS students with a strong determination to become good medical professionals as they can now move to another university with a high-quality medical education of their own free will. So, if they anytime feel that their current university lacks certain qualities that are hindering their growth as a medical student, they can now take an MBBS abroad university transfer to a good and trusted university in the same country or another. 

Not all medical students pursuing MBBS abroad know university transfer procedures, here we have compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions by MBBS students.

Q1: Can Indian students take university transfer during MBBS abroad?

Yes. Indian students studying MBBS in abroad can now avail the facility of university transfer during their course and overcome the current challenges faced by them during their ongoing medical studies in foreign universities.

The National Medical Commission (NMC), formerly called the Medical Council of India (MCI), has formulated various rules and regulations related to migration applications. 

  1. The migration will only be granted to Indian medical students in foreign universities on genuine grounds. 
  2. Migration is only possible if there are seats available in the desired medical colleges or universities. 
  3. Migration is only allowed for up to 5% of the sanctioned intake of the college.
  4. Migration to the medical college within the same city is not permitted.

Q2: Why do Indian MBBS students take university transfer abroad?

Indian students studying MBBS abroad may take university transfer for the following reasons:

  1. Health issues
  2. Family emergency
  3. Inability to pay fees

Q3: Is transfer valid for MBBS abroad?

As per the verdict of Hon’ble Supreme Court dated 30.01.2018, Indian MBBS students pursuing medical studies abroad can freely apply for MBBS admission transfer in abroad to other universities or colleges and would still be eligible to appear for the FMGE/NExT licensing examination conducted by NMC. 

Q4: Can Indian MBBS students of foreign universities transfer to Indian colleges?

No. The National Medical Commission does not allow the transfer of foreign medical students to Indian institutes as per the latest NMC guidelines.

Q5: Is NOC compulsory from the current college for university transfer in the middle of an MBBS course?

Yes. An MBBS student must take a no-objection certificate from the current university to initiate the process of university transfer. 

Q6: Do marks of the first year in the MBBS program matter for medical university transfer?

Only if the student has passed the first year of his/her MBBS course. If a student has failed in any first year subjects, he would not be eligible to apply for MBBS migration anytime during the MBBS course. 

Q7. Can Ukraine returned medical students take medical university transfer?

As per the recent NMC guidelines on university transfer of foreign students, Indian MBBS students who have taken admissions in Ukrainian universities before 18th November 2021 are eligible to apply for transfer of medical university.

Q8: Can MBBS students migrate to another university in their third year?

Yes. Indian students can apply for MBBS migration in abroad after the first, second, and third years. 

Q9: Is it possible to transfer from the government to a private medical university?

Yes, it is possible in some cases. 

Q10: Do transfer students get scholarships?

Yes. MBBS transfer students will have a chance to win scholarships from their new colleges. 

Q11: Do students have to pay back scholarship money if they transfer?

Scholarships do not require repayment like student loans. However, if a medical student takes a transfer from his/her medical college, their scholarship may become void or asked to be repaid. 

Hope these answers resolve your doubts about MBBS university transfers!

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