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Myths and Facts about studying MBBS in Abroad

Known facts about studying MBBS in Abroad for Indian Students

In this generation, where people are climbing heights to reach different goals, we still cling to our comfort zone to avoid oblivion. Often times we are afraid to take bold steps, however, at a certain point, we need to push our boundaries and take the required decisions. Studying MBBS in Abroad boosts your career as well as personal life. 

Benefits of Studying MBBS in Abroad

There are many benefits of studying MBBS in Abroad.

  • No Entrance Examinations & No Donation
  • Hassle-free admission procedure
  • Low tuition fees
  • Global Recognitions of the Medical Degrees provided by Top Medical Universities Abroad.
  • International Standard of Education
  • Indian food is available in most universities
  • Chance to work in leading hospitals of the world

Myths and Facts about MBBS in Abroad

While there are many benefits of studying MBBS in Abroad, there are also many misconceptions that surround the idea of pursuing higher education abroad. Here are a few of the Myths and Facts about studying MBBS Abroad:

Myth 1: Expensive Education Abroad
Fact: The expense of studying abroad varies from country to country. However, proper planning before opting for MBBS in Abroad can help the students lighten up their burden. The tuition fees in many universities abroad are undoubtedly cheaper than that of the private university in India. If the students act cautiously on spending money while studying abroad, it can very well help them manage their income on a regular basis.

Myth 2: Language is the barrier to study MBBS in Abroad.
Fact: Most universities abroad offer educational programs in English medium. Top Medical Universities in Abroad offer MBBS Program in native as well as the English language. To assure that the universities you have applied for offer the English language as the medium of instruction, kindly check the criteria before applying for MBBS in Abroad.

Myth 3: Unsafe for Foreign students
Fact: There's of course a natural fear among parents and guardians about sending their children to a foreign country for higher studies.  However, University campuses all over the world take utmost efforts to maintain security for all their students. Therefore, they have strict protocols to ensure student's safety all the time.

Myth 4: Foreign degree is unacceptable in India
Fact: Having the required skills and knowledge to practice Medicine in India, students who graduate MBBS from Abroad will definitely going to be valued at the organization. 

Myth 5: It's all about party and fun
Fact: Studying MBBS in Abroad develops the student's personal as well as professional life. Studying MBBS is a serious affair. Students have to give their all in terms of studies to build a better career. The personal life of a student has a huge impact on their academic life. Therefore, studying MBBS Abroad is not only about fun and parties, it is more about exploring, learning, and building series of valuable activities in one's life. 

Myth 6: Racial discrimination in Medical Universities Abroad
Fact: Medical Universities in Abroad have students from all over the world. The multi-cultural environment in Medical Universities in Abroad encourages students to be open-minded and broaden their perspectives on different cultural backgrounds while removing all thoughts on racial discrimination.

Myth 7: Food may emerge as a major hurdle to Indian students
Fact: Most of the universities Abroad provide Indian food at the hostel mess. So, for Indian students, food is not a problem at all while studying MBBS in Abroad.

Myth 8: Lack of option for the Best Medical University Abroad
Fact: For MBBS in Abroad, you will not find yourself lack of options. In fact. you have plenty of options to choose the best university for your MBBS in Abroad.

Myth 9: Difficult to clear MCI/FMGE Screening Test
Fact: With a good strategy and better preparation, students can clear FMGE easily. Medical students must pay attention during their sessions to capture every topic that is taught in class.


There are a lot of misconceptions about MBBS in Abroad that frighten the students from opting for higher studies in abroad. However, here we have listed a few myths and facts about MBBS in Abroad.

Top Medical Universities in Abroad are recognized, approved, enlisted, and accredited with many major medical institutions of the world like UNESCO, WHO, NMC, FAIMER, ECFMG, MCC, etc. Students who graduate MBBS from Abroad from any reputed university or universities recognized globally can practice medicine anywhere in the world post-qualifying the Medical Licensing Examination of the particular country.

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