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National Medical Council Established

Finally, the National Medical Commission (NMC) is going to function as the apex body for regulating all medical education. The centre has finally dissolved the MCI-BOG. This dissolution was done through a gazette notification.

The National Medical Council was the government’s first step towards reforms in medical education. The previous body which was the Medical Council of India was tainted with corruption all over. In 2018, the government decided to dissolve this body. From then till now, the Board of Governors has regulated for all the medical education sector. The chairman of BOG was V.K Paul, member (health), Niti Aayog. The BoG-MCI body was regulated under the Indian Medical Council Act, 1956.

This was done because there were many cases of corruption coming from the MCI. With the mushrooming of private medical colleges, few with questionable credentials. In 2010 the CBI arrested the then MCI chief for allegedly taking a bribe to approve a Punjab Institute for medical education. Since then, there have been many such ill cases that have come to light. 

Taking all this in regard, the government decided to introduce the NMC bill. NMC will be an autonomous board that will be regulating medical education, rating, ethics, and registration.

Dr. Paul quotes “The BOG-MCI has been dissolved and NMC will replace it from Friday” The Indian Medical Council Act, 1956 was revoked in 2019. Now The National Medical Council Act has replaced it. The chairman of NMC is Dr. Suresh Chandra Sharma, former Head of Ear Nose Throat (ENT) Department of All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS), New Delhi, as the Chairman of the NMC. They have also appointed Dr. Rakesh Kumar Vats, Secretary General of BoG-MCI, as the Secretary of the NMC.

With the introduction of NMC, we believe to have complete transparency, accountability and quality in the medical education sector.

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