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NEET 10% Quota Necessary

NEET Quota Necessary 10%

Earlier this week, the Tamil Nadu government proposed an ordinance to provide a 10% NEET reservation for government school students. Seeing the possibilities and the performance of many underprivileged students, the government of Tamil Nadu had to promulgate an ordinance to provide government school students a 10% reservation in NEET 2020. 

The total number of students belonging from the government schools who got admission into medical courses was very low from the year in which the National Eligibility cum Entrance Test was introduced. As per the data, 34 students joined the state medical colleges in 2016 but as per the records, even less than 20 government school students got into medical courses in the last three years.

Many movements calling for the abolition of NEET was done. All these movements and criticism was made on the ground that, National Eligibility cum Entrance Test favors a particular social class, who can afford coaching classes for NEET preparation, and the ones who attended CBSE schools.

The last two years have proved it to be true. The Tamil Nadu government has seen a high proportion of students getting into medical courses after clearing the NEET examination on their second attempt. Getting a chance to be a part of the 10% of the medical aspirants becomes a luxury for government school students. No medical aspirants who are from the government schools can afford to drop a year in their academic qualification as all of them do not come from financially stable families.

For the past few years, Tamil Nadu is trying to get an exemption from NEET but all its efforts seem worthless. Meanwhile, this government itself trying to do the best for the government school students by upgrading their school’s syllabus, making it equal to the syllabus of the Central Board of Secondary Education (C.B.S.E). Along with this, the state is also providing coaching to government school students to enable them to prepare well for the NEET examinations.

The 10% quota proposal is another good step toward the goodwill of the government school students who aspire to get into medical courses. This step will ensure that everyone gets an equal opportunity to prepare for their dream to become a Doctor. Even the medical sector will not itself lose out talented students. 

The nation’s medical system should stand strong on the shoulders of brave and bright students. The medicine should not just be a career of the privileged groups.

Education is the prime factor for the development of a country and its citizen. At present, there do exist real inequalities in every aspect of education. To improve the quality of education in every school, the state governments should update their syllabus, and ensure that every student has proper access to achieve their goal. 

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