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Things to be careful during NEET exam

NEET 2020 don't by Education Abroad

5 points you should be careful during NEET exam

NEET is just a few months away and now it’s high time for you to pull your socks up!

If you want to qualify NEET 2020 then you need to read this article.

In this article, we are going to give you 5 crucial tips that you should not be doing in the examination. 

But before we begin with those 5 crucial points, let’s take a brief look at the NEET.

National Eligibility cum Entrance Examination is a common entrance examination in India for admission to the medical colleges in India and also for MBBS from Abroad. To be eligible for the MBBS program or the equivalent course, you must clear the NEET exam.

Now, let’s have a look at those 5 crucial points:

  1. Not giving NEET Mock tests

  2. It is always good to prepare well for the competitive exam.If you are appearing for NEET, you must give you 100 percent performance to get a good score in the examination.

    Study well and don’t leave even a single portion of the syllabus. However, it's important that you give a mock test side-by-side while you are studying.

    Qualifying NEET requires a lot of hard work and dedication. Make sure that you give time for your mock test as well. Try to attempt mock tests regularly as this will help you improve your weak areas.

    Time management is a crucial step. There are many strategies of competitive exams that you will only get to know when you give the mock tests.

    Remember, only through the mock test you can identify your performance before the exam. Start now and you will not regret later.

  3. Leave Physics for the end

  4. Physics seems to be tough for you, we understand this. But you need to get this into your mind that leaving physics for the last moment is only going to push you in grave danger.

    Planning and prioritizing is a huge Human problem. But you are here to be a doctor, Isn’t it? And doctors are supposed to cure and aid human problems. So, first, start with yourself. Start studying physics from today itself, make a proper schedule to learn physics theories and practice the questions too. Start with mechanics, it has the highest weight in physics and if you can do mechanics then optics and at last other chapters.

    Always begin with what you think you cannot do. If Physics is the tough paper for you, start with it today. And yes, do not entirely focus on one thing. Make sure that you give a gap and refresh your mind as well. Revise what you have studied. Do make a revision of other papers as well.

  5. Not following the schedule

  6. If you do not follow the schedule you will be in grave danger. Biology, Physics, and Chemistry- together shall comprise in your daily schedule.

    Having a schedule is very important and following it will lead to success. You have to be disciplined enough to follow the schedule so that you can qualify NEET 2020. There are a total of 97 chapters and there will be 180 questions that would be asked in the examination. Fix your time table accordingly so that you will be able to practice and revise daily.

  7. Study only from Books and modules

  8. Do not confuse yourself with a variety of notes from different sources as this will only tire you from your studies. If you have joined coaching or even self-study, use the notes that you get from your teacher or from one trusted source.

    It is important that you follow proper guidelines if you are using your books and modules for your studies.

    Make sure that you know your syllabus and that you have a clear view of all your subjects to clear the NEET 2020 examination.

  9.  Reading only theory and not practicing the questions

  10. Many students must be working very hard, studying for hours and hours per day but not practicing the questions. Remember not to make this mistake. NEET needs more practice of questions and having a problem-solving mindset than just learning and reciting theory. So, Be Smart and also work hard to achieve your dream.

    These are the 5 crucial points that you need to keep in mind. Be smart enough to work hard to pursue your dream to be a doctor.

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