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Do you know what NEXT examination is?

Do you know what NEXT examination is?

In this article, we will talk about the NEXT examination. 

To begin with, after you crack the NEET exam with a good ranking, you get into a good medical college. Finally, you start living your dream to become a doctor. But to become a qualified practitioner, you have to qualify the NEXT examination that is the National Exit Test. This exam is conducted in an online mode to get the license to become a doctor.

This medical examination will check your skillset on what you have learned in your MBBS course and internship too. It will also serve as the screening test for foreign medical graduates who have completed their MBBS course and are now required to clear the Medical Council of India Screening Test (MCI Screening Test)/FMGE Examination and also for admission to the postgraduate medical program.


In January 2020, the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare also introduced the draft National Dental Commission Bill that also seeks for the National Exit Test after the completion of the BDS for dentists in India.


In this article, we would like to share few points that were shared during a meeting that was held with the Board of Governors of Medical Council of India at the Indian Council of Medical Research on February 15, 2020.

Following are the 5 points that were informed to the students:

  1. Schedule of the proposed examination
  2. Subject wise distribution of NEXT 1
  3. NEXT exam 1 is going to be first held in 2022. 
  4. The score of this examination is going to be valid for 2-3 years.
  5. A way to find scope for improving the score of NEXT 1 is expected

Now let’s look into the details of these points:

  1. Schedule of the proposed examination

  • With the change in the GMER schedule, the Prof III part II exams are proposed to be held in January, in all medical colleges.
  • The Supplementary exams for Prof III part II are proposed to be conducted in the month of February.
  • NEXT 1 is also known as Prof IV PART I will be held in March 
  • Internships are going to start from April and complete in March
  • NEXT 2 also known as Prof IV part will be held in April
  • PG Courses are expected to start from July
  1. Subject wise distribution of NEXT 1

  • The next examination will be all of India's concurrent online examination.
  •  From this year, exams will be conducted on 6 subjects. This consists of Medical and allied subjects, Pediatrics; Surgery and allied subject, ENT; Obstetrics gynecology and allied subjects; ophthalmology.
  • As mentioned above, NEXT exam 1 will be expected to be held by 2022. 
  1. NEXT exam 1 is going to be first held in 2022

Sr. No.




Prof 1



Prof 2



Prof 3 part 1



Prof 3 part 2



Prof 4 part 1 (NEXT 1)

National Body


Prof 4 part 2 (NEXT 2)


  1. The score for NEXT 1 will be valid for 2-3 years.

  2. A way to find scope for improving score of NEXT 1 is expected.

NEXT 1 will be an objective exam and NEXT 2 will be a pass or fail examination which will include a practical exam by university/college to judge the basic practical efficacy of the student. There will be a list of basic practical skills that a student should know before he or she gets the degree.

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