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National Eligibility cum Entrance Test

National Testing Agency 's Standard Operating Procedures

Are you going to give NEET 2020? Do you know all the standard safety procedures for this examination? If no, then you are exactly in the right place. Here we will answer all your queries regarding the NEET 2020 safety guidelines which have been issued by the National Testing Agency (NTA), the regulatory body of NEET and JEE. NEET and JEE are the two national-level examinations for all the students aspiring for medical courses and engineering courses. JEE was held from 1st-6th September, this year approximately 40-50% of the candidates of JEE from various states did not give the exam due to COVID-19, revealed by our sources.

The National Eligibility cum Entrance Test will be held on the 13th of September and all the candidates who will be appearing for the examination have to follow all the Standard Operating Procedure that has been issued by the National Testing Agency. 

The standard operating procedure for examining the candidates before the exam has been issued by the Union Health Ministry too. The SOPs of the Union Health Ministry do differ a bit from the SOPs of the National Testing Agency. As per the SOPs of the Union Health Ministry, no staff or candidate can participate in the examination if they come from containment zones whereas there is no mention of this issue in the SOP provided by the National Testing Agency.

SOP provided by NTA: 

  • All the candidates have to maintain social distancing 
  • Seat arrangements are done as per the norms of social distancing
  • There must be staggered slots for students who will report at the exam centres.
  • Gloves and masks will be provided to all the staff members and also to the students who have not brought them.
  • At the entry, you will find hand sanitizers and even inside the exam centres. Keep sanitizing your hands.
  • Your body temperature will be checked at the entrance through the thermo-gun.
  • There will be a separate line for boys and girls. At a time, only 15 candidates will be permitted in the line for entry to the examination hall.
  • Body frisking will not be done at the exam centres for NEET 2020 it would be done by metal detectors only.

These are the procedure which has to be followed before the commencement of the NEET 2020. Stay tuned to Education Abroad for more such updates related to MBBS in India and Abroad.

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