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MBBS in Bangladesh

Prospects of MBBS in Bangladesh

Bangladesh is India's neighbour and a prominent Asian country with recording exemplary economic growth in terms of per annum GDP. On the other hand, Bangladesh has also been one of the countries, where students who want to pursue medical education, are opting to study MBBS there. 
While in India, most of the students and parents are not fully aware about the number of universities and the quality of medical education, that is being provided in Bangladesh, are now getting to know better about all of that. Even from the last few years, the number of Indian and international students in Bangladesh's universities in pursuit of medical education, has increased a lot. 
NEET is the competitive exam that the students need to crack for studying MBBS, and even with a decent score, due to high fees and a lot of difficulties, the students generally do not get much of a choice and the dream of being a doctor is unfulfilled. According to various educational experts, Bangladesh is not only a good option but also a cheap option for pursuing MBBS in international circuit and getting jobs in different countries all over the world. 

First and foremost, the familiarity with the places and people. Since Bangladesh is an Asian country, the students can find cultural similarities in that country with India. 
Secondly, the ease of access in terms of visa and other documentation, therefore making it easy for the students to go through all the procedures. 
The most important point is with the ease in terms of NEET score, which is the bare minimum of qualifying level and having at least 50 percent marks in 12th standards in science stream. (Physics, chemistry and biology) 
Universities don't have entrance exams generally, therefore making direct admission possible for the students. 
In terms of fees and other infrastructure costs, the country and the cities where the medical universities and colleges are situated are quite cheap. 
The availability of Indian food in hostel mess, makes it easier for Indian students. 
The top class universities provide cheaper education and good training as well. 
The universities are recognized internationally, therefore working in India as well as other countries of the world is very much possible. 

Homesickness - obviously living in a foreign country won't be easy for any student so homesickness is bound to happen at some point. 
Initial payment is quite high, though after admissions the rest of the costs are quite cheap. 
A little disadvantage is there in terms of interacting with locals since bengali is the primary language of communication. So being fluent in bengali would ease this interaction 

There is no relaxation in terms of categories that students get in India. 
If you compare the pros and cons, the student will find Bangladesh as a hub of studying MBBS in Asia, and is no short on opportunities. So overall, Bangladesh is a good investment even for middle class students 

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