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4 Reasons To Study MBBS Abroad in 2021

Why You Should Study MBBS Abroad In 2021

Ease of getting MBBS admission

When it comes to studying MBBS abroad, Indian students just need to qualify the NEET exam. Once a student qualifies, he/she acquires an option to select from a number of medical universities abroad. 

However, when it comes to MBBS in India, one can’t easily acquire admission in a particular college. The fact is more than 14 lakh medical aspirants will not even have one option open to them for MBBS in India.Also, it is simple and easy to acquire admission abroad. 

In the matter of International Recognition, the MBBS degree from the majority medical universities abroad are well. When it comes to recognition in India then it must be MCI approved. Also,medical universities abroad must be MCI approved too.

Why Should You Choose To Pursue MBBS From Abroad 

There are numerous benefits of pursuing MBBS from abroad. Here are the chief ones:

1. Less Dependency On Neet Rank

Qualifying NEET entrance exam has been made compulsory for applying to MBBS courses internationally. There are nearly 10 times as many students applying for the MBBS course in India as the number of available seats.
2. Lower Price Compared To Private Indian Colleges

Government medical colleges in India are undoubtedly affordable. However, the private medical colleges are extravagant with around 75 lacs plus. Whereas medical universities abroad cost anywhere between 20 lacs to 30 lacs.   

3. High Quality Of Education

Institutes that are recognised by the MCI and also meet the standard of education regulations, offer top quality education to students abroad.

4. International Exposure

Studying abroad is a learning experience in itself. A student learns about a new culture and adapts to a new environment. A student gets experience from interacting with students from different nationalities.

Final Thoughts 

Many students dream of becoming a doctor. Consequently, they also dream of acquiring admission in the best government medical colleges. 

On the contrary, it's not a cakewalk to acquire an MBBS seat in government college. In such instances, the option left is MBBS abroad and without a doubt it is the only way through which one can accomplish their dreams of becoming a doctor.

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