Pursuing  MBBS in India VS MBBS Abroad

    In today's dynamic world, the field of medicine is undergoing remarkable progression, reshaping our understanding and approach towards healthcare amidst profound challenges and remarkable opportunities. Marked by groundbreaking technological expansions, novel treatment procedures, and global health crises, the landscape of medicine is in a persistent state of seismic transformations. The ways we access, perceive, and receive healthcare are advancing at an unmatched pace in this era of extraordinary change. It becomes progressively necessary to plan the routes of current medical innovations and advancements to keep up with the latest developments.

    Embarking on a journey towards a degree in medicine involves navigating a broad path flooded with never-ending choices. One of the most significant decisions is choosing whether to pursue the course in India or abroad. In this blog, we will dive into the ever-evolving domain of medical studies, unraveling the raveled web of choices, opportunities, and challenges awaiting aspiring doctors of the future. We will explore and compare the best options, discussing the pros and cons to help you make the best decision for your medical career.

    MBBS is one of the most sought-after choices among students planning to build their career in the medical field across the globe. Lakhs of students aspire to become doctors every year, and the very first crucial decision is where to pursue their MBBS degree. In the splendid and complex medical pedagogy, two distinguished elements that stand out are choosing to stay back in motherland to study MBBS in India or embarking on a global journey with MBBS in abroad. In this blog, we will discuss and help you make the right decision. We will explore why pursuing MBBS abroad can be more beneficial for aspiring students. We will also dive into different key factors such as the quality of education, cost of education, exposure, future opportunities, etc., which are comparatively better abroad.

    The quality of medical education can differ from one university to the other, both abroad and in India. However, there are some key factors that may make medical and healthcare education abroad preferable and suitable for some students:

    1. Quality Education

    One of the most significant reasons to consider pursuing MBBS abroad is the quality of education offered by many foreign universities. Several countries, like Russia, the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, and various countries in Europe, are renowned for their top-notch medical education courses. These institutions often have state-of-the-art facilities, world-class faculty members, and rigorous academic curriculum standards. Medical education abroad often uses innovative learning practices and a more flexible curriculum that emphasizes problem-solving and critical thinking.

    2. Availability of Seats

    Many foreign countries, especially in Eastern Europe and Southeast Asia, offer a higher number of seats for international medical aspirants especially from India in their medical programs. As we know, there are only 8400 seats available in the medical schools of India and students with lesser ranking are not able to take admissions in the colleges and eventually have to look for a college abroad.

    3. Lower Entrance Examination Requirements

    Every year lakhs of students aspire to become doctors and approximately 16 lakh students apply for the NEET- UG examinations to acquire seats in the merit quota and get admitted to the government colleges providing MBBS degree. Many foreign medical schools have much lower entrance exam requirements, eventually making it easier for medical candidates with average records in their academics to take admission abroad. This might be one of the reasons for Indian students to move abroad to study medicine.

    4. Cost-Effective Education

    Medical is a vast field and choice of several students in India. With the ever-increasing competition with the passing year in this field, it has become even more challenging for medical aspirants to acquire seats in government colleges offering MBBS degree in India and eventually are not left with any other choice than to choose a private college with heavy fees. Many students however can’t afford such heavy fees and thus pursuing the degree from abroad will be the best option. In medical colleges abroad, the cost of studying MBBS can be lower than in private medical colleges in India, making it a more affordable and suitable option for students who dream of becoming doctors.

    5. Diverse Learning Environment and Global Exposure

    Studying abroad exposes students to a diverse learning environment and international exposure with much better opportunities for global medical practices. Interacting with multiple students from varied cultural backgrounds can broaden student’s horizons and provide a global perspective on medicine and healthcare. This exposure is particularly valuable in the field of medicine, where understanding different cultures and healthcare systems can be highly beneficial.


    Certainly, when considering a career in the medical field, choosing the best option, whether to pursue MBBS from India or drift abroad for the same dream, is one of the most crucial decisions in the life of a medical student. Each option comes with both positive and negative aspects; however, pursuing MBBS from abroad is always a lucrative option.

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