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 The Scorecard of National Test Abhayas

National Test Abhayas Score Card by Education Abroad

The HRD ministry took a step to make up for the loss that students had faced with the nationwide lockdown and the educational disruption. The AI-powered Mobile application was launched and announced by the HRD ministry and now it has been reaching a wide range of students and helping them in preparing better. 

The AI-powered mobile app has been proved as a very useful tool for all students especially from rural areas and low-income families as the students can practice the NEET 2020 exam for free. The online practice test that this application provides, include the detailed analysis of where one has gone wrong during the mock test, how to improve them, what is the total time they have taken for each section. It advises how much time they ought to be taking and also gives a comparison of the time other peers have spent. This approach is improving the test-taking ability of students on a large scale. This National Test Abhyas is one of the top 10 educational apps on the play store. Reviews of students are taking into consideration and the government is also acting upon them. 

This application is reaching every nook and corner of India. Based on the initial 16 days of data, over  9,97,904 students have given the mock test. Nearly 60% of these are NEET –UG test givers. Maharashtra and Uttar Pradesh have the maximum no. of test givers 1.1 lakh and 1.3 lakh respectively. As this application also analyses the average time of each section, it also says that the average time to give a correct answer for NEET-UG is 37 seconds for students who score 99% percentile and even more. And the average time spent on an incorrect answer is 44 seconds.

This test is not only about answering questions it also provides the solution to the questions and where every answer is wrong it gives an explainer why it is wrong which makes it incomparable. It is also helping students who could not afford a coaching class or test series. This is one of the most needed steps for students and also can be seen as a step of educational equality.

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