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Prioritizing wellness during your Medical Studies

Putting your health as your priority makes a huge difference in your career and personal life. To become a healthcare professional, it is undeniably your job to take care of others as well.   

Often times, we forget to look after our wellbeing while tending others cups. But in order to keep up with the passion to serve humanity in the medical field, we must also look after our well-being. In this blog, we are going to talk about how to prioritize one’s wellbeing before filling up others’ cups. 

Studying Medicine is a huge task. It takes your energy and time to achieve your desired goals. Studying MBBS Abroad is no different. It requires your physical and mental strength to build your future career while being miles away from your family and friends.

Tips for a healthy lifestyle while studying MBBS Abroad

Here are few tips for managing stress, anxiety and depression amidst various sentiments while pursuing your medical career.

Create a study plan

Having a study plan helps you get things done on time. In addition to creating a plan, making a commitment to complete the important task helps you make time for your other activities. In your spare time you can do exercise, little chores, a little social gatherings, etc, this helps you refresh your mind from your academic activities.

Eat well and exercise

Exercise is an important key to keep your stress level low. It boosts the blood flow to the brain and this helps you focus on your activities. In addition to this, a balance diet is also one of the key point for a healthy body. Plan out your meals take your time to prepare and eat healthy food. Make it a routine to prepare wholesome food that will sustain your body for the day. It is also important to drink plenty of water to keep yourself hydrated.

Get enough sleep

Practice a good sleep routine. There maybe a lot for you to do to achieve your goal but you should also keep in mind that a good sleep routine will help you rejuvenate and refresh your mind to stay focus on your goals. Getting enough sleep gives your body enough energy, helps you think and process your thoughts well at the same time helps you relax and releases stress.

Take small breaks between your study time

Taking small breaks is necessary to stay focus and concentrate on your activities. Standing and walking around for 20 to 30 minutes between your activities helps in increasing your overall productivity.

Stay Positive

Focusing on positive aspects of your life during the most challenging circumstances can be difficult. Taking everything at once can only lead to depression and the end result might only cause the unaccomplishment of your task. Therefore, amidst the increased stress during your Medical career, it is always good to take one step at a time as this allows you to stay focus only on the positive things and opposes negative thoughts.

Surround yourself with Supportive people

Remember, keeping track of your mental and physical health is your responsibility. Having people who would support you in every decision you make can help you grow in different level. However, you must be wise to choose who should be your close friend whom you can always count on and someone whom you think who can help you become a better person and achieve your dreams. 


These tips about a healthy living while pursuing your MBBS Abroad is just to help you get in the right track. Keep in mind that you should not feel that your academic activities is taking a toll in your life and drain out all your energy. At the end of the day, your dream is to take care and serve the people through your MBBS career. Taking care of yourself is as important as taking care of your patients. Therefore, always remember to put your health first before anything else.

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