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Top 5 Countries To Study MBBS Abroad

Top 5 Countries For Your Medical Study Abroad in 2021

Being a doctor is a dream that is inspired by a few but aspired by many in our country. Every year crores of students pass from class 12th.  And lakhs of them wish to pursue medical education, this aspiration brings them to their next step to be eligible towards being a doctor in India i.e. National Eligibility Entrance Test or NEET.

Among the qualified candidates , there is a huge percentage of students who choose to study MBBS Abroad. If you are among them and wondering which countries you should choose from. Here are some of the handpicked countries popular for their medical studies.

1. Russia

Russia is hugely popular among the Indian students who are looking for a cost-effective medical education. Apart from the medical fee being subsidised by the Russian government, the Russian medical universities are known for their great legacies. The universities fulfil the essential standard criteria of medical education in the retrospect of many international and national bodies like ECFMG, FAIMER, WDOMS, MCI(NMC) and medical councils of many other nations. 

As for as Indian students, as more than 10,000 students join the russian universities for their medical studies, the universities feature special measures to ensure the comfort of its Indian students. For the very same reason, the universities provide Indian canteens 
and at times separate accommodations for them.

Though the medium of education is English, the students are required to have a working knowledge of Russian language while interacting with the locals during the clinical rotations. So, to help them in this regard, almost all the universities provide training in their native language to their international students.

The most significant aspect which makes MBBS in Russia a popular option among Indian students is that these universities provide coaching for the screening tests like FMGE and USMLE, as a result, the students perform exceptionally well in them. This opens them a pandora of opportunities.

2. Americas

The United States of America surely does not require any explanation for being the hottest spot for higher education. However, there are certain limitations which restricts the students from doing so. Complicated Visa procedure, expensive fee and living, etc contribute to some. 

At this point the latent parts of America, forming Americas, sometimes referred to as South America or Caribbean countries proves to be a good option. Countries like Guyana, Barbados, Antigua, Jamaica, Saint Lucia, etc are popular for an affordable education without requiring you to pass any exam like MCAT, IELT, TOEFL, etc to study. The Visa process is extremely easy. The fee structure is affordable to a large section of Indian society and so is the cost of living in these countries.

Their medical universities follow an American curriculum, which is slightly different from that in India as a result, still there are ample number of universities you can choose which are recognised by MCI (NMC).

The medium of instruction is purely English as it is the predominant language in this region. Apart from these, the beautiful beaches and locations entices many students from various parts of the world.

3. Bangladesh

If you are looking for a country which does not require you to worry about adjusting, then Bangladesh could be the one of you. One of the closest countries to India, Bangladesh successfully manages to provide comfort of home to its Indian students. The coastal weather, food habits and even some of the major festivals share a close similarity with that in India.

Apart from being an affordable option, there are many features of pursuing medical study in Bangladesh which contributes to its global reputation and being a popular choice  in India. Since the primary language of instruction in the medical universities of Bangladesh in English, the curriculum is also similar to that of Indian medical universities and even the medical universities of Bangladesh use Indian authors for reference purposes.

As a result of these similarities, the percentage of passing students in FMGE who have graduated from Bangladesh is the highest.  The only seeming drawback for the students studying MBBS in Bangladesh could be that there is a slight chance that they may feel restricted and wish to explore more options.

4. Ukraine

The country had been a prominent member of Soviet Union and thus has a grand history and heritage. The pleasant weather conditions and the warm locals just add to the perfect blend which has been attracting the people from all over the world. 

Ukraine is another good option for MBBS Abroad, which has emerged out to be quite popular in the recent years. Ukraine is believed to have established some of the pioneers of health-care education in the region, The health infrastructure of the country is probably one of the top-kind. Equipped with all kinds of latest practices, Ukraine ensures that adequate attention is given to the medical education in the country to train the new skill-set and expertise.

Every year hundreds of students depart for Ukraine from India to pursue their medical studies. The medical universities of Ukraine are well reputed and thus are accredited by many local, national and international bodies of medical excellence.

The key benefit that the medical students in Ukraine draw upon is the exposure to some of the most advanced techniques and methods in the health fraternity across the globe. The international students would requisite the basic knowledge of the local language at the time of clinical rotation, and though the medium of instruction is English, they are taught the native language from the very beginning.

5. Kyrgyzstan

It would not be wrong to state that Kyrgyzstan is probably one of undiscovered lands of opportunities and excellence in terms of the health education sector. The country offers the most at the least cost. The country raised a lot of eyebrows when it emerged as one of the popular destinations for medical studies among Indian students.

Given that it provides an affordable yet quality education, medical universities of Kyrgyzstan are known for being one of the safest countries. The country and its countrymen not only ensures the physical safety, but the warm yet peaceful ambience aids for the mental well-being as well.

The medical universities of Kyrgyzstan are recognised by several international bodies and thus unsheath the windows of global opportunities and acceptance of the students.

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