Top 5 medical universities in Russia for MBBS 2023 - Ranking and review

    Ranking is an important factor, the way we come to know whether a university is good and advisable, or not so good that we can skip it altogether. Russia is the home of the leading and well-renowned universities worldwide imparting quality education to its students. They are globally recognized and are accredited by the World Health Organization (WHO) and other medical governing bodies from all over the world. Russian medical degree is highly reputed and students, after completing their medical education in Russia can practice medicine anywhere in the world. Russia is the fastest-growing destination among international students to study MBBS abroad. The prominent reason why Russia is preferred is due to the exemplary medical education combined with exciting student life that at an affordable cost, makes MBBS at the best medical colleges in Russia a worthy deal.

    There are various advantages to choosing the top universities in Russia for MBBS

    • The MBBS fees in Russia are affordable as compared to India.
    • Medical degrees issued to international students are globally accepted
    • The procedure for MBBS admission in Russia for Indian students is easy and hassle-free
    • English is the medium of teaching at Russian universities
    • Cultural programs are organized for the promotion of art and culture within the university.
    • There are well-established sports facilities to promote extracurricular activities for students
    • There is no separate entrance exam for getting admission to Russian universities.

    The top 5 medical universities in Russia

    1. Orenburg State Medical University

    The university country rank is #233. Orenburg State Medical University is located in Orenburg city of Russia. It was established in 1944. University provides all the modern technologies and satisfies all the requirements for higher education. Graduates from this university are taking the lead positions in public and private institutes in Russia and across the world. This esteemed university offers comprehensive training to more than 3000 students under the supervision of over 500 highly skilled professionals in the various fields of science.

    2. Perm State Medical University

    The university country rank is #269. Perm State Medical University was established in 1916. It is one of the most experienced medical universities in the world. Perm is located in the city of Perm in Russia. The university is one of the top-ranked government universities in Russia. In the year 2014, Perm State Medical University (PSMU) was assigned the status of the state University. The Perm State Medical University (PSMU) students are given free coaching classes every year at the University to prepare them for the Foreign Medical Graduates Examination (FMGE) in which the PSMU students who appeared in the exam in 2019 cleared it.

    3. Mari state university

    The university country rank is #127. Mari State University was established in 1972. It is located in the Mari El Republic of Russia. The university is a part of many associations that ensure the quality of education and life at Mari State University. The university offers both national and international students in 55 various subjects encoded in 5 basic specialties of the medical field.

    There are more than 8 thousand students learning medicine at Mari State University. Also, Mari State University is well known for the encouragement given to practical knowledge of students. The university has a highly skilled and experienced faculty of around 400 lecturers who are experts in various fields of medicine. The Mari State University impacts education in 5 different institutions covering around 65 major faculties and various departments.

    4. Pskov state university

    The university country rank is #155. Pskov State University was founded in 1932 and is one of the best MBBS institutes in the city of Pskov, Russia. The university offers well-developed MBBS programs for foreign students with a cult of knowledge, high scientific potential, a strong commitment to research, and highly professional training programs. The University takes in an aggregate of 10,000 students every year with at least 1/3rd of them being international students who come from 41 different countries in the world.

    Tula State university

    The university country rank is #351. Tula State University is the largest government university in central Russia comprising 9 faculties and 73 departments of which the medical institute accepts Indian and international students for graduate, post-graduate, and PhD medical courses. Tula State University is recognized for preparing medical students as industry-ready professionals who can cope with the medical standards of any country across the world.


    Russia is home to some of the top medical universities. Students from all over the world can benefit from the world-class education that Russian universities are well known for. The top universities offer the best medical education in Russia. Indian and international students deciding to study MBBS, for them Russia is the best option offering good, quality education. And a globally recognized medical degree.

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