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 Undiluted mantras from NEET toppers

NEET 2020 Undiluted Mantras from NEET toppers

NEET examination is conducted every year for admission into medical colleges in India. From this year, NEET will be the only examination for admission to all the medical colleges for all medical courses in the country. NEET 2020 is also a common test for the premier medical institute of the nation like JIPMER and AIIMS. Experts say that the NEET 2020 will have a different flavor. Starting this year, NEET will also give admission to AIIMS and JIPMER. The extra 2 months that students have got will determine the question paper to some extent this year.

As this is a time of the final count down for NEET, today we have brought to you some undiluted mantras from some of the NEET toppers- Kalpana Kumari who attained an All India Rank 1; Himanshu Sharma, All India Rank 3; Madhvan Gupta, All India Rank 9. who at present studying in Maulana Azad Medical College, a Government medical college in India.

Let's begin with Kalpana Kumari,

Kalpana Kumari thinks that NEET 2020 is going to be a bit tougher with questions on assertion reasons but the questions will still be based on NCERT. Students should revise as much as they can and give a mock test every alternate day at the same time on which NEET will be conducted.

In biology, you have to focus on every word of NCERT. Revise biology NCERT. In Physics, you need to revise formulas and practice the problems well. While talking about Chemistry, learn the inorganic and organic from books and practice the physical part.

When you give the mock test, always evaluate it. Never make the same mistakes, learn from all the mistakes you have done. If you honestly prepare well, your hard work is bound to bring success.

Another NEET Topper, Himanshu Sharma thinks that the difficulty level of NEET would not be much higher because there will be no difference in the pattern of the question paper. First of all, you will have to work on your weaker sections by doing Multiple Choice Questions. Physics plays a very important role in securing a good rank in NEET. In Chemistry, focus on chapters like Polymers and environmental chemistry from your NCERT book. In Physics, focus on Mole concepts and chemical kinetics for physical chemistry.

When you write your exam start from the subject you are most confident in. This will boost up your speed. At the end of the examination revise your question paper and try to attempt the unsolved ones. This will help you in curbing silly mistakes.

Now coming to the mantra of Madhvan Gupta- He says students should focus on the concepts rather than trying to learn the formulas without any clue of the concepts. If you are well off with concepts you can solve the problems in a better way and lesser time. In the last 1 month, students should not learn anything new he or she should only keep on revising everything that has been completed. Nobody is going to score 100 percent in NEET. So, exclude all the questions which are too lengthy and difficult. Else they will take up a lot of your time.

In Physics, thermodynamic and Motion are very scoring chapters and are very frequently asked. Focus on Genetics and Physiology in Biology. In Chemistry, focus on organic and inorganic.

The last suggestion he would like to give you is- do not answer blindly or giving any wild guess. If you cannot score a question do not try to negatively mark yourself in it. Fill your OMR sheet carefully. 

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