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What you need to consider for MBBS in 2021

Prospects Of MBBS In 2021

Going abroad for further studies is a dream for many Indian students, especially for degrees in the Medical and Engineering field. Similarly, opting Medical for professional field has been a big rage in India. The ever-increasing number of students in NEET coaching centers is a living testimony. 

The cut-throat competition in the medical colleges is undeniable. The limited number of seats in government medical colleges force the students and parents to explore other options like private colleges or changing the stream, etc. But private colleges demand a large sum of money to be spent on academic fees of the student.

In this situation, how would a student survive when he/she is left stranded in the middle with no choice but to abandon their passion. A more viable option which students can consider to achieve their dream is to pursue MBBS abroad. 

Of course, many will introspect about the high costs involved with such a venture, but if something is available in an affordable budget, what is the harm? Not every country is expensive and more importantly, pursuing MBBS abroad comes in a budget-friendly package with intense practical training and refined theoretical knowledge, in order to allow students to brush up their skills and confidence to practice their medical career anywhere in the world.

There are a few countries which are the perfect answer for the students' questions about pursuing MBBS abroad. Countries which provide quality education include:

There are many advantages that the students have which make these countries good options. Let’s look at the basic facilities and major advantages of pursuing MBBS in these countries, especially for the Indian students:

  • Affordable budget for easing financial burden
  • Infrastructural facilities for better grooming
  • MCI recognized and WDOMS enlisted medical universities
  • Medical Degrees are recognized by WHO and all over the world
  • Extensive practical knowledge
  • Easy admission process and Visa process
  • Degree recognized for both work and further studies in India
  • Qualification based on NEET score itself
  • No additional entrance or language exam needed to be qualify
  • English language as the medium of instruction
  • Safe and comfortable accommodation to all enrolled Indian students
  • Availability of Indian mess in the university and hostel campus

Coming to the requirements involved with the program, the degree offered is MD (equivalent to MBBS in India). The duration of the program is around 5 years with academic training, with eligibility criteria of mere 50% in 12th (PCB stream) and qualification marks in NEET, therefore easing the pressure of scoring high in NEET exams. The academic fees are as low as 4000 to 6000 USD per annum, with maximum individual attention due to limited seats. The exposure of practical knowledge is of high standards due to providing work in best University-run hospitals.

Date: 14-01-2021

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