Why Do Indian Students Move To Study MBBS Abroad?

    Every year, a significant lot of Indian students dreaming to become successful and accomplished doctors move to study MBBS abroad. With a considerable disparity between the demand and supply of MBBS seats in India, over 10,000 Indian MBBS aspirants pursue medical education at foreign medical universities abroad. The number of incredible opportunities offered by the medical institutions in Russia, Bangladesh, Kyrgyzstan, the Caribbean Islands, etc. is huge and there is no scope of any doubt about the facilities offered to Indian students by medical universities abroad. 

    There are many reasons why Indian students decide to move to study MBBS abroad. Some of the most reasonable ones include:

    1. Limited MBBS seats in India

    There is fierce competition for MBBS seats in government and private medical institutions in India. The huge gap between the demand and supply of medical seats in India drives medical aspirants out of the country to pursue MBBS abroad. For eight to nine lakhs students who qualify through the NEET exam, there are only over 90,000 seats in India. The government seats might be affordable and getting into a government medical college in India requires a very high NEET score. Even though the government quota seats in private medical colleges in India are relatively more affordable than the management quota seats, they too require high NEET scores. 

    2. Expensive MBBS fees in India

    The average annual fee for MBBS courses in government medical colleges is INR 2 lakhs and for private medical colleges is 10-15 lakhs. This means medical aspirants must pay INR 14 million in government colleges and INR 60-70 lakhs in private medical colleges. The fees for management and NRI quota seats range from approx. INR 30 lakhs to 1.2 crores for the entire 4.5-year MBBS course. The medical universities abroad promise a much more affordable medical education to Indian students starting at just INR 3-5 lakhs a year, including hostel and mess charges. 

    3. Admission with low NEET score

    The Indian medical colleges, both government and private, ask for a good NEET score to offer admissions to medical aspirants. However, it is not possible for students with only passing scores in NEET exams. The top medical universities in Russia, Bangladesh, Armenia, the Caribbean, etc. are inviting Indian students with qualifying NEET marks to pursue medical education and become world-class doctors. The high competition in India to get admission to Indian medical colleges based on the NEET scores urges any medical aspirants to hold back on their dreams. But the renowned medical universities abroad are making MBBS happen for Indian students and empowering them to move ahead in their medical careers without judging their capabilities. 

    4. International exposure

    Western culture and lifestyles always appeal to Indian students. The concept of higher studies in an international country is very popular in India. Many aspiring doctors move to Russia, Bangladesh, the Caribbean, etc. to start their medical careers as they lack opportunities in India. The top medical universities abroad provide the right exposure to Indian students, apart from teaching them a foreign language. Indian MBBS students get to study with foreign students and learn to communicate with them in their mother tongue. 

    5. Exceptional clinical experience

    Medical universities abroad have state-of-the-art infrastructure such as well-equipped laboratories, advanced tools and equipment, and other resources available within the clinical laboratories of the universities to provide the right practical experience to students. Moreover, such institutions have affiliations and collaborations with the reputed hospitals and medical institutions for clinical training of their students. This provides ample clinical exposure to the MBBS students. 

    Ukraine Returned Indian MBBS Students Now Joining Russian Universities

    Many stranded Indian MBBS students returned from war-torn Ukraine to India with high hopes of continuing their medical education in their home country. However, after the National Medical Commission rolled out its latest guidelines on transfer of foreign students from Ukraine and other countries restricting the admissions of medical students from Ukraine, their hopes shattered in a moment. At their challenging times, Russian medical universities came to their rescue and offered them opportunities to resume their medical studies. Now, thousands of transfer students from Ukraine are now moving to medical universities of Russia to complete their disrupted medical education and become excellent doctors. 

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