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Why is mentoring important for Studying MBBS Abroad?

Importance of Mentorship for MBBS in Abroad

An MBBS degree Abroad is one of the preferred medical degree programs for most Indian students. It is a specialized, intensive, and comprehensive medical degree whose courses take around 5 to 6 years to complete depending on the university or the country’s medical education regulations.

Studying MBBS can be a bit challenging for medical aspirants to choose the medical university that best suits them economically. In this blog, we are going to discuss the reasons why mentoring is important for studying MBBS in Abroad.

Importance of Mentorship for MBBS in Abroad

Choosing the right career path can be daunting and may seem impossible. In all this confusion, Education Abroad is here to guide you through.

A mentor can be anyone who can help you solve certain problems. However, having a professional mentor eases your problem in a specific field. If you want to study MBBS in Abroad but are confused about many things such as which university to choose, if the university offer MBBS at an affordable cost, if the country you are choosing is safe, or are there Indian students studying MBBS abroad, Education Abroad will clear all your doubts and will help you solve all your problems related to MBBS in Abroad.

Reasons Medical Students need a Mentor

  • Serves as a source of Knowledge

A mentor assists students in various ways. They also serve as a source of knowledge to the students. For medical aspirants, Education Abroad serves as their source of knowledge for MBBS in Abroad. We provide authentic, clear and complete information to the students regarding the MBBS program, Medical Universities Abroad and more. 

  • Helps provide forecast

A mentor encourages students to look forward to a better future. Mentor educates a student about coping with particular scenarios and helps them prepare physically and mentally for any upcoming event. The presence of a mentor helps students have a clear outlook on prioritizing their path to success. Education Abroad helps students stay focused on their career path and also help students be aware of any upcoming event related to their medical career or MBBS program in Abroad.

  • Provides technical guidance

A mentor helps students improve their thinking skills, teaches students the strategies to cope with different situations differently, and brings out the best potential that is in the students. In short, a mentor tends to lighten the burden of the students by simply guiding them, nurturing them, and helping them when they are in need. At Education Abroad, we assist, nurture and help students throughout their MBBS journey Abroad.

  • Establishes student’s talents

A mentor knows the student’s ability. They lead the students and help them to focus on the specific interest to establish their talent better. A mentor also helps the students develop their personal and professional growth. 

  • Motivate students

A mentor motivates the students. They serve as the support system to the students. We at Education Abroad, we support students, encourage them to pursue their dream career and encourage them to believe in themselves.

  • Career Discovery

When it comes to career exploration, mentors such as career counsellors support students in discovering their career goals. Mentors drive students out of their comfort zones to achieve their dream career. Our team of expert counsellors at Education Abroad assist medical aspirants to move out of their comfort zones to work on turning their dream of becoming doctors to reality. 

Our Service for MBBS in Abroad

Education Abroad fosters, mentors, advices, and motivates students throughout their MBBS program.

Below are some of the ways Education Abroad assist medical students for MBBS in Abroad:

1. Free Counselling for MBBS Admissions Abroad

We provide free counselling to all medical aspirants interested in studying MBBS in Abroad. Our team of expert counsellors the wholesome attention and guidance for choosing the best medical university and country of their choice. 

During the free counselling session, the counsellors will brief you about the universities, facilities that you will get while studying MBBS Abroad, the Admission process, etc. We assist medical aspirants in choosing the country and university which is feasible as per their personal interest and financial constraints.   

2. Admissions Assistance

Once the students select their preferred university for MBBS in Abroad, we further move to the admissions procedure. We provide a hassle-free admission process for MBBS to the Top Medical Universities Abroad.

3. Visa Assistance

Our organization ensures that the students receive the required assistance for Visa preparation. We ensure that all our students have valid visa travel permissions during their MBBS program Abroad. 

4. Pre-departure ceremony

This ceremony is specifically organized for all the students who are travelling for MBBS in Abroad. The purpose of this event is to provide a brief knowledge to the students about the country they are travelling to, the University, facilities that will be provided to them, and various other information. 

Our counsellors counsel the students before they leave the country. This event lets our students make new friends before they leave for their MBBS degree.

5. Travel Arrangements

We plan the entire journey for our students. We arrange the tickets and other travel conveyance From Indian Airport to International Airports of any country, we help students reach their destinations safely.

6. Other Assistance

In addition to the above services, we also provide assistance for 

  • Scholarships & financial aid to the deserving students
  • FMGE coaching to all Indian students who are studying MBBS Abroad.


Mentoring helps students achieve their desired goals. Though every mentorship is different, has different criteria and characteristics. It plays a unique role in building a better career for the students. Education Abroad helps medical aspirants seeking out what they want to do in life, identify their purpose, and develop their career in a variety of ways to deliver future leaders in the field of medicine.

If you want to study MBBS Abroad, connect with us today at 1800-123-125050 or https://www.theeducationabroad.com/contact You can also visit our page www.theeducationabroad.com for more information.

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