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should not take a drop year for NEET

5 Things You Should Think Before Taking A Drop Year For NEET

1.  Inconsistent Approach

Are you the studious self-disciplined child who can do without much socializing and can keep up with mundane routines every day of the year? 

As students in the 21st century with all means of distractions around us, keeping a consistent approach and waking up to a motivated self every day ain’t no cake’s walk! 

2. Added Social Pressure

However much you try, you wouldn’t be able to ignore the feeling that tells you your peers are getting ahead in life, whereas you are sitting on the very hope that you’ll make it through in your next attempt. 

There’s also an added social pressure from the world around us, where expectations build upon themselves, and you have banked on to ace the exam in the second attempt since you had all the time in the world!

3. Considering The Exam Dynamics.

Examination patterns change every year, and the level of difficulty fluctuates as well. Even when you make sure you’re coping well, exam dynamics are unreliable and could be a real challenge.

4. Accountability 

Nobody will share your burden for an entire year of toil and hard work. You get to bear the brunt and blame for all you decide to go ahead with. 

You’re also expected to be solely accountable for your decision and complying sincerely with it.

5. A Drop Year Does Not Guarantee Success.

A drop year doesn’t mean you’re absolutely going to make it through in your second attempt. Why, then, would you not take up a safer option and comply with it with utmost sincerity instead of working with no sure success ahead.

What Could Be Done Instead?


You heard it right. Foreign universities provide much flexibility in terms of student admissions. While there are many options to consider, here’s why:

  • Hassle-free direct admission process
  • Lower tuition fee
  • Easy education loans
  • Students can apply for NEET in their second academic year

The above upsides to picking a Russian University definitely beat the unreliable challenges that come with dropping a year and also acknowledges the primary concerns of foreign education being expensive and unaffordable. 

There are ample of opportunities to start with instead of taking a gap year. 

At theeducationabroad we guide you through, for choosing the university that is right for you. Choose us so that your career map goes just the way you decided.

We hope that our insight helped you decide. Best of luck!

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