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About Armenia

The geographical location of Armenia lies in the Southern Transcaucasus region between Europe and Asia. As a result, Armenia is considered to be situated at the intersection of cultures, history and religion. Rooftop of the Asia Minor or Island of Mountains were commonly used phrases to address the Armenian Highlands in the ancient history.

Armenia is basically a land-locked country covered by various countries at every nook and corner without any access to navigable waterways.

Thus, many countries share their borders with Armenia from all the directions like -

  • Azerbaijan in the East.
  • Turkey in the West & South-west.
  • Georgia in the North
  • And Iran to the South.

Thus Armenia is believed to be offering landscapes full of unseen beauty and pristine nature. On the basis of these landscapes, Armenia is further divided into various altitudinal zones like desert areas, semi-desert areas, dry steppe areas, steppe areas, woodlands, sub-alpine areas and the alpine zones. The geographical diversity of the entire country simply amazes the world with high mountain peaks, patches of fertile valleys, basalt columns, waterfalls with rock sculptures and lastly the picturesque landforms.

More than 200 rivers and small tributaries traverse the lands of Armenia forming steep falls, rapids and swift currents. The country also offers beautiful sight of almost five Canyons to its visitors.

As many as 200 mineral springs have been found in the country which offer therapeutic help to the visitors.

Why Study in Armenia?

  • No Donation, No Entrance Exam is required for admission in Armenian Universities.
  • Medical Universities in Armenia are recognized by MCI, WHO, UNESCO.
  • Studying MBBS in Armenia is very affordable and the fees ranges between 12-15 Lacs INR.
  • Medium of instruction is English.
  • Hostels offer world-class amenities to all the enrolled students.
  • Upon successful completion of course, Degree of MD Physician is awarded to the enrolled students.
  • Top Medical Universities across Armenia also provide MCI coaching to enrolled Indian students.