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About Barbados

The country of Barbados is located above South America, to the north-east of Venezuela and in the northern side of Guyana. The scenic beauty of the country along with its geographic location makes it perfect for international students an appropriate choice for studying abroad. Barbados is surrounded by Atlantic Ocean on the east and Caribbean Sea to the west. Bridgetown, the capital of Barbados is situated in the region of St. Michael.

On comparing the landscapes of Barbados to the nearby Caribbean Islands, it is mostly flat and more habitation friendly. However, there is a central highland area at Mount Hillaby in the region of St.Andrew at 1115 Ft. (approx.) above the sea level.

Barbados is located very close to equator to the north and so the average temperature (27-30 degrees) and humidity levels (76%) are tropical in nature, throughout the year. No extreme weather conditions have been observed in these areas, making it suitable for international students.

The two major seasons experienced in Barbados like any other tropical zone country are:

  • Dry Season from December to May (also considered as the winter season)
  • Rainy Season from June to November (also known as the summer season)

Though the island of Barbados topographically is situated close to Caribbean Hurricane prone areas, yet the island has never experienced any ill-effects of such catastrophic events. To sum it all, Barbados provides an ideal destination for international students.

Why Study in Barbados?

  • The education standards followed at Barbados Universities is strictly based on the US education system and curriculum.
  • The students are offered with the opportunity to attend various conferences and international seminars. This helps in their overall development while they pursue their dreams of becoming successful doctors.
  • MBBS in Barbados is quite affordable as compared to U.S., Korea, Japan and other European countries.
  • The Universities of Barbados offer world-class education with high-quality educational standards.
  • Studying MBBS from Barbados is recognized by various medical councils from across the globe. The Medical Council of India has approved many Barbados Universities, making it possible for Indian students to complete their education from Barbados and pursue a career in India, upon successfully clearly the screening test.