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About Belarus

Belarus is situated in the Eastern Europe, with its capital at Minsk. Belarus is a landlocked country and is surrounded by multiple countries from all sides -

  • Russia in the East
  • Latvia in the North-East
  • Poland on the West
  • Lithuania in the North
  • And Ukraine in the South.

Minsk - the most affluent, culturally, economically, politically & scientifically active city of the country provides a safe haven for international students.

Belarus has a total population of 9.5 million of multiple ethnicity. More than 80% is Belarusian in numbers, followed by small minorities of Russians, Polish & Ukrainians in the country. The primary reason of belarus become an education and commercial centre for Europe is the outgoing behavior of the native people, their welcoming nature to learn new traditions & preserving their traditions along side. The architectural history of the country is also rich and attracts many tourists annually.

Why Study in Belarus?

  • Modern European Standards of Living
  • No Entrance Exam required
  • High percentage of Visa Approvals for Students
  • Government Approved Universities
  • Dedicated Indian Mess
  • World-wide recognition of Degrees
  • Minimal cost of Education