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About Germany

Germany, officially known as the Federal Republic of Germany is a federal parliamentary country located in Central-Western Europe. The country has a total 16 states that are spread over an area of 357,021 square kilometres. After USA, Germany is the world’s second most popular immigration destination. Germany is the most populated country in Europe. The capital city of Germany is Berlin which is the largest metropolitan. The country shares its borders with Poland, the Czech Republic, Austria, Switzerland and France.

MBBS in Germany

Germany is known to be one of the top destinations for medical education in the world. The kind of environment provided to the international students in German medical universities makes it one of the most favourable destinations among international students. The courses offered by the medical universities of Germany are recognized across the globe. The medical universities of Germany are recognized by the world’s major organizations like WHO, UNESCO, FAIMER etc. The students who complete their MBBS from Germany can go back to their country and work there after clearing the national medical examination conducted by the Medical Council of the respective country.

Why Study MBBS in Germany?  

Today, Germany is one of the most favourable destinations for pursuing MBBS among international students. The country has many top medical universities that offer various programs including MBBS, MD etc at a very reasonable cost. Each year, a large number of students from many countries like India, Nepal, and Bangladesh etc apply to study MBBS in Germany. The quality of medical education offered in medical universities in Germany is comparable to that provided in USA and UK.

The medical universities of Germany are well equipped with modern technology, infrastructure and the best faculty members. The medical education provided in medical universities of Germany is not only limited to the theory and classrooms. In fact, the students provided with full opportunity to learn through practical, projects, seminars and other activities. During the second year of MBBS, the students are allowed to work part-time which helps them in managing their finances.

Admission in MBBS in Germany

Getting admission in MBBS in Germany is very simple. The applicants just need to meet the simple criteria for admission in MBBS. The students willing to study MBBS in Germany must have scored a minimum of 60% in the 12th standard. The applicant needs to take an English exam like IELTS or TOEFL. Proficiency in German language is an added advantage. The academic record of the student is an important part of the selection process. A student can also apply for permanent residency of Germany after working for 5 years.

Advantages of studying MBBS in Germany

Pursuing MBBS from a medical university in Germany offers a number of advantages for students:

  • The medical universities of Germany follow the latest international curriculum for MBBS and other medical courses.
  • The medical students in Germany are provided with practical knowledge along with the theoretical studies.
  • After working for 5 years in Germany, the international student can apply for permanent residency.
  • There is no tuition fee for pursuing MBBS in Germany.
  • The quality of education in German Medical Universities is world class.
  • The medical universities of Germany are accredited by WHO, UNESCO and FAIMER.
  • The environment provided in the medical colleges in Germany is very safe and healthy.
  • The cost of living in Germany is very low as compared to other European nations.

Tuition Fee

The higher education in Germany is funded by the Federal Government. Thus there is no tuition fee charged from students to pursue MBBS in Germany. The students only need to pay a minimum of Euros 500 for incurring expenses like purchasing books and other academic materials.