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About Antigua

Known as Waladii or Wadadii by the native population, Antigua is a popular Island destination for all the tourists from every corner of the world.

It is one of the Leeward Islands (a group of islands situated where the northeastern Caribbean Sea meets the western Atlantic Ocean) and the prominent island of Antigua & Barbuda (West Indies).

Barbuda is located north of Antigua Island. The Antigua island covers an area of 442 sq. km. and is home to a population of about 77,000 people, and People of African descent have more population in this region. Also, the place is quite popular among the international students for pursuing MD (Doctor of Medicine) in the Caribbean Islands.

Facts about Antigua-

  1. Religion observed by major population- Christianity
  2. Primary language- English
  3. Currency - East Caribbean Dollar
  4. Capital - St. John (as well as the main airport: V.C. Bird International Airport & a cruise ship destination)
  5. Popular activity- Fishing
  6. Weather- Warm & Sunny (mostly)
  7. Tourists attractions- Antigua Sailing Week (one of the top regattas in the world),  Dockyard Museum, Sugar plantations, Rainforests, Devil’s bridge (natural arch carved by the sea)
  8. Highest point- Mount Obama (Boggy Peak)

Education System in Antigua

  1. Education is compulsory and free for children of 5-16 years of age
  2. Based on the United States Education System
  3. School levels in Antigua-
    • Primary, Low secondary,
    • CSEC (Caribbean Secondary Education Certificate) Examinations,
    • CXC Caribbean Advanced Placement Examination (CAPE),
    • Tertiary (Medical Education)
  4. Medical Institutions in Antigua-
    • The University of Health Sciences
    • The University of West Indies
    • American University of Antigua College of Medicine (one of the Top Medical University in the Caribbean to pursue MD)
  5. Duration of Medical Studies- 5-years for MD degree-
    • One Year of Pre-Medicals
    • Basic Sciences (2-year/Four semesters),
    • Clinical Sciences component (2-years) at affiliated hospitals of USA, India, Canada and the Caribbean Islands
  6. Recognition of Medical Degrees- Indians can easily practice their medical career in India upon their degree completion as Antigua offers globally recognized degrees. The Medical Universities of Antigua are recognized by the Medical Council of India (MCI), International Medical Education Directory (IMED) and enlisted with the World Directory of Medical Schools (WDOMS).


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