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About Jamaica

Jamaica is an island country in the Caribbean region. Jamaica is the fourth-most populous country in the Caribbean and Kingston, the largest city is its capital city. Jamaica has a wonderful tropical climate, with hot and humid weather.

Jamaican people speak the Jamaican language, however, Jamaica is known as a bilingual country as English is also widely used in the country especially in all domains of public life. Therefore, it is easier for foreign students to pursue higher education in Jamaica's top universities.

In Jamaica education is free for all children and through the Human Employment and Resource Training-National Training Agency (HEART Trust-NTA) program, students who cannot afford education get the opportunity to continue further education in the vocational arena.

Quick Facts about Jamaica

  1. Jamaica is the 3rs largest island of the Greater Antilles and the Caribbean with an area spanning 10,990 square km.
  2. Jamaica was originally inhabited by the indigenous Taino people.
  3. Jamaica is the 3rd most populous Anglophone country in America with 2.9 million people.
  4. The island achieved independence on August 6, 1962.
  5. Its National motto "Out of many one people" reflects its diverse ethnic roots.
  6. H. G. de Lisser(1878-1944), journalist and author, was a Jamaican.
  7. Education is free for all children in Jamaica.

MBBS in Jamaica

Jamaica is one of the famous countries for MBBS in Abroad. Medical universities in Jamaica are globally recognized by major medical institutions across the globe. The duration of MD in Jamaica is a 5-year MD program offering to all the Medical Aspirants. Medical students who graduate from the Top Medical Universities of Jamaica can apply for USMLE or MCI exam to work in leading hospitals in the USA and India. Graduates can also apply for other Medical Licensing examinations in other countries to become qualified medical practitioners. High quality of education along with the low cost is offered to students pursuing MBBS in Jamaica.

All Medical Universities in Jamaica are recognized by the Medical Council of India, the World Directory of Medical Schools (WDOMS), and the Medical Council of other leading countries like the UK, Canada, Middle East, etc.

Top Medical Universities in Jamaica:

  • The University of West Indies
  • All American Institute of Medical Sciences (AAIMS), Jamaica

Why Study MBBS in Jamaica?

Few reasons that ensure MD in Jamaica can change the life of many medical aspirants.

Advanced learning method - Equipped with advanced technology and infrastructures, medical universities for MD in Jamaica provide high-quality education through advanced teaching methods to medical students.

Cost-effective- Tuition fees at Top Medical Universities of Jamaica for MD in Jamaica is between 5 Lacs to 10 Lacs per year.

Medical Course- Medical Universities in Jamaica provide numerous choices for Medical Aspirants to choose their course to specialize in so that they can practice medicine in their specialized field.

FMGE/USMLE result - Universities in Jamaica offer the US system of education. As a result, graduates receive excellent results in USMLE/FMGE exams and become excellent doctors at the best hospitals in India and abroad.

Key Features of MD in Jamaica

Renowned Alumni - Graduates from Top Medical Universities of Jamaica are currently working as medical practitioners in leading hospitals, also pursuing specialized courses, research programs, etc around the world.

Recognized Medical Universities- Medical Universities in Jamaica are recognized by the Medical Council of India (MCI), World Health Organization (WHO), Medical Council of Canada (MCC), enlisted with World Directory of Medical Schools (WDOMS), and other leading medical institutions of the world.

Course Duration- The MD program in Jamaica offers a 5-year course. The first year includes the Pre-medical course. The 2nd and 3rd year are for Basic Sciences course where medical students are introduced to the clinical rotations courses. While the 4th and 5th year are for Clinical Sciences, where students are mostly involved in Clinical rotations for training to become one of the best doctors to serve the world.

Holistic Development of Students- Top Medical Universities in Jamaica ensures that proper activity is provided to the student for their personal as well as professional growth.

Standard of living- To ensure that students get the best quality of living in and outside the campus, Universities in Jamaica provide fully-equipped hostels, canteens, recreational centers, swimming pools, sports centers, etc.

If you wish to become one of the best Doctors from the Top Medical Universities to serve the people, apply for MD in Jamaica.


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