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  • Brief me about FMGE and Am I eligible for FMGE or MCI registration, if pursuing MBBS from Bangladesh?
    Yes, definitely you can apply from any country after your MBBS degree completion. Top Medical Universities in Bangladesh offers globally recognised degrees approved by the Medical Council of India (MCI) and enlisted with World Directory of Medical School (WDOMS); which allows them to appear for FMGE or MCI Screening Test after the completion of their graduation. FMGE stands for Foreign Medical Graduate Examination which is conducted by the National Board of Examinations; which is also called as MCI Screening Test. This test is basically conducted for Indian and Overseas Citizens of India (OCI) for obtaining a provisional or permanent registration with the Medical Council of India (MCI) of State Medical Council (SMC); as per the Screening Test Regulations. Students pursuing MBBS from Bangladesh, Russia, Ukraine, Georgia, Kyrgyzstan or from any other country famous for Medical Education from its Top Medical Universities, have to appear & qualify for this MCI screening test for practising their future prospects in India. Therefore, passing out MCI Screening test is compulsory for all the foreign return graduates, if they wish to practice their medical career in India. The National Board of Examination has announced the exam date of FMGE as 28th June, 2019. MCI screening test (FMGE) is supposed to be the most difficult exam of your medical career, but yes, if you have a strong foundation in your medical studies acquired during MBBS from the Top Medical Universities in Bangladesh, then you can easily come out it with flying colours. As per the MCI Public notice dated 8th March 2018, students who have qualified for NEET, need not submit the MCI Eligibility Certificate, they just need to fulfil the eligibility criteria required for FMGE or NEXT (present nomenclature for FMGE), i.e. NEET percentile eligibility set for the reserved & unreserved categories, and marks secured in NEET. The classification of the students will be on the basis of age, marks and caste criteria. Students can apply for FMGE registration, only after they will return back to India after their completion of MBBS in Bangladesh. The exam will be conducted on computer-based platform at various centres across India. It is conducted twice a year (December & June)
  • When does the MBBS course start in Ukraine?
    Studying MBBS in abroad is a very important decision and must be paid great attention to, when the time comes to choose the destination. Considering all the above mentioned factors, if you wish to go for your higher education of medicine in Abroad, Ukraine is the country you can look out for. It is one of the best abroad locations to pursue MBBS for Indians students. Students can get benefited from the same in many ways. Ukraine offers some amazing facilities and opportunities to the students apart from offering world class infrastructure and practical knowledge. The student teacher ratio is comparatively low thus leading the students to learn and clear their doubts in a better way. The classrooms are practical oriented which helps the students to understand the subjects better. Now the question that arises here is- When does the classes begin for the academic session of MBBS? So, let us clarify this dilemma! Classes of MBBS degree start in September every year at all the Medical Universities of Ukraine. Few Universities begin their classes from February batch also. Duration of MBBS in Ukraine is 6 years that includes two semesters every year- First semester (September- January) Second semester (February- June) The curriculum of MBBS is approved by the Ministry of Education and Science and MCI. The Faculty of Medicine at the University offers medical courses in various specialisations like Anatomy, Paediatrics, General Medicine, etc. with a great curriculum that makes these 6 years of study quite informative. English is used as the official medium of instruction. At the end of January, the students who have successfully passed all tests, have one week of rest. Students who have academic debts try to pass through tests again. Summer vacations last for 2 months, starting from July till August every year. Ukraine is one of the best locations to pursue MBBS especially for Indians students. Pursuing MBBS from India is not worth, as in India, the entire duration of the course at private medical colleges totally relies on high donation amount, huge time consumption or less availability of seats in Government colleges, if we compare it to Ukraine. The level of competition is also dependent on various other factors, making it very tough for a deserving candidate to secure a confirmed seat in India. Ukraine gives the fair chances for pursuing medical education to the students and also enriches students with an amazing experience of 6 years or 5.8 years precisely.
  • How is life for MBBS students in Ukraine?
    A doctor always takes a holistic approach to a disease and “Holistic Development is the key for any nation’s development”. Ukraine is very popular among students for the medical programs it offers, especially among the Indian students. Students can get benefited from the same in many ways. They get some amazing facilities and opportunities in Ukraine along with offering world class infrastructure and practical knowledge. The student teacher ratio is comparatively low than India (which is highly skewed) thus leading the students to learn and clear their doubts in a better way. The classrooms are practical oriented which intensify interests of the students in the subject. Attending and passing a screening test after successful completion of graduation will make you eligible for MCI registration. Ukraine medical universities are certainly the best choice for any student who is interested in studying medicine abroad and wish for a bright career in the same. Going to a new country is sometimes exciting or sometimes full of nervousness for the students. A new future and new opportunities awaits for you. However, there must be a lot of anxiety as well. There are different questions that runs in the minds of students while preparing for going abroad about standard of living there, expenses & experiences, travelling, housing facilities, dining facility, and many more things. If you are planning to study in Ukraine, then it’s necessary for you to know every aspect before you leave. Education is way more important when you are going to pursue studies, but on the other hand; other factors beyond your studies are equally important for your living like - safety & security of the place you are going to live, Indian food availability (for Indian students) as you cannot resist without it for a long time, the population of international students; interaction with them and other activities for social integration, good places to visit while your weekend for refreshing your mind, means of transportation that you are going to use further, climatic condition (most importantly) for packing your bags, and much more factors that are really important to lead your life well. The student life in Ukrainian Universities is highly enriching in every respect as it believes in holistic development of the students. The learning process should be a part of every place you go on campus or off campus. The students experience a diverse cultural environment along with getting quality education. Life of students while pursuing MBBS from Ukraine is a great experience for them. Know how: Stationery- requirement for studies: You will get most books required for your course at your university library, so you need not worry about spending money on them. Security & Safety: One of the biggest concerns of the students and their parents, especially Indians, whether they are safe or not. Ukraine is very safe for international students. Adequate safety is taken by the University’s management and the local management especially for the girls, right from the time of your entry into the country and lasting through the time of your stay. Best cities of Ukraine with absolutely no safety concerns are Kyiv, Kharkiv, Odessa and Lviv. Money Matters: Ukrainian institutions offers quality education at a very reasonable price, which is quite beneficial for international students. Especially in India, MBBS is more expensive, that cannot be afforded by every person. Considerably, Ukraine is also cheaper than the other European countries. If we keep your tuition fee aside, then also you will need to have $1000-$1300 extra to cover your living expenses on a yearly basis. This will be very affordable for you as compared to studying at other destinations across Europe and the United States of America. Probably; it is possible that you will live in the campus itself in the student hostels, so determine your living expenses according to it. Shopping for new attires: Clothing is also pocket-friendly in Ukraine; that fits in your budget. You could buy in as many of them as you wish, as they are surely not going to pinch your pocket here. Dining/Food: Food here is really affordable if you aren’t going to cook at your hotel room, then eating out can be an ideal option for you. Fast food restaurants may charge very reasonably. Overall, a monthly budget of $200-$400 dollars should be enough to cover the daily expenses. Expenses might be a little high in your first month when you will need to buy necessary things, but the cost of living in generally quite affordable. Exploring, Entertainment and Travelling: Students spend their large amount of time in their studies. However, that doesn't mean you can't have fun in your free time. There are plenty of theatres, shopping malls and amusement areas across the country. You can travel the country and learn more about its culture and traditions. You get a Travel Pass card at a reasonable rate for travelling in trains and buses in the cities. You will also get a 40% student discount on tickets if you are planning to tour the whole country. Travelling to other countries during the summer & winter vacations after getting the International Student Card (immediately after admission). You also get ample discount on flight tickets, if booked in advance. Others: MBBS in Ukraine follows US education system, creating numerous opportunities to make a career in English speaking Countries. Mode of communication in Ukraine is English, therefore there is no need of learning native language to study MBBS in Ukraine. Ukraine and India both have same climate (Tropical climate) which makes easier to adjust in the country. Cultural events are organised by the Universities on a timely basis for the student’s holistic development. With a belief of that learning does not always constrained to studies/academics only it should go beyond that, as an initiative of social integration. Life as a student in Ukraine is quite affordable, fun-filled with great experiences & ample learning opportunities. Try to utilise your time in Ukraine to the fullest and come out with flying colours and decorated career in medicine.
    The Foreign Medical Graduate Examination known as FMGE or MCI Screening Test; conducted by the National Board of Examinations (NBE). Test is meant for the Indian and Overseas Citizens of India (OCI) who are aspirants of practising their medical career in India. All the foreign return medical graduates can obtain a provisional or permanent registration with MCI (Medical Council of India) or State Medical Council (SMC); as per the Screening Test Regulations. Authentic fact for this exam is that, students who are pursuing MBBS from Bangladesh, MBBS from Russia/MBBS from Ukraine/MBBS from Georgia/MBBS from Kyrgyzstan or from any other country famous for Medical Education from the Top Medical Universities of those respective countries, have to appear & qualify for this MCI screening test for practising their medical career in India. Therefore, passing out MCI Screening test is compulsory for all the foreign return graduates, if they wish to practice their medical career in India. Facts about FMGE- Unlimited attempts to crack MCI Screening Test MCI Eligibility Certificate is required for FMGE registration The minimum eligibility criteria to pass MCI Screening test for a candidate is 50% marks There is a total number of 300 MCQs which are further divided into 2 sections. Each section is of 150 marks. There is no scope of Negative marking in the exam After clearing MCI Screening Test, the students need to carry out 1 year of internship to fulfill the eligibility criteria. If not done, the students will remain to be unemployed in India MCI Screening Test is known to be a very challenging exam as it needs a lot of practice. Only 19% of the candidates are able to clear this test if we see this statistically You can crack FMGE in first attempt without any coaching. Just refer to the following tips and achieve your target- Be A Master in your Syllabus- Students having expertise in their subjects or entire syllabus, can easily crack the test. Avoid paying attention to a selective study and pay equal emphasis on all subjects. Create the checklist for the important topics/subjects- Subjects that are important for FMGE are Physiology, Biochemistry, Anatomy, Microbiology, Pharmacology, Pathology, Forensic Medicine, Ophthalmology, Pediatrics, Orthopaedics, Psychiatry, Anesthesia, Dermatology, Radiology, Medicine, Surgery, GYN & OBS. Search for the topics under these subjects and do the thorough study of it. Make a proper study schedule accordingly Practice on the MCQ’s & Mock Tests- Collect a variety of Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ’s) on different topics. Also, attempt the Mock tests. It will be a revision activity for you, which will benefit you in the exam. Abstain referring too many sources- For avoiding huge level of confusion; avoid the data collection from too many sources. Just focus on the limited ones with more
    Yes, after clearing the screening test & getting yourself registered with the State or Central Council you are eligible for any government appointment.
    Medical Universities in abroad offer holidays twice in a year. Winter holidays are during January for 15 days and summer holidays are in July and August for two months. Students usually come back to India during summer. You can also choose to stay back in the summer for local sightseeing or to travel to desired places. The decision is all stands up to your wish.
    There is no entrance examination to do MBBS in abroad(in countries we offer admissions in) Admissions are granted on class 12th marks. Admissions are based on number of seats and are offered on first come first serve basis.
    In the beginning, Education Abroad provides complete travel assistance by arranging for all travel formalities. From the Indian airport, students leave in groups for their respective countries to study MBBS in abroad. At the other end, students are received by the university representatives who assist them to travel to the University and settle down in the Hostels.
  • What is the process for applying to FMGE or MCI Screening Test?
    Steps for applying to Foreign Medical Graduate Examination (FMGE) or MCI Screening Test, includes the following: Since, NEET is mandatory now, so students have to submit a NEET score card. You can only apply if you qualify for NEET and score good in it. MCI screening Test Application Forms are available on the site- Download and fill the form with enclosure of required documentation & details like Nationality details ID proof details - Aadhaar card/Driving License/PAN card/Passport/Voter ID Class 12 mark sheet MBBS qualification details Scanned images of passport size photograph and signature as per the specifications mentioned in the form Credit/Debit cards or net banking details for payment Follow the step by step process for online registration- Online registration: Go to the link provided of FMGE 2019 (when released)- Use the ‘new registration’ options- enter all the nationality, name, date of birth, and other details- Verify & Submit it to complete the process Issuance of login credentials with User ID and password sent to the students on their registered Email ID Log in the page with password, User ID and captcha code Click on the Application Form. Read and fill the application form carefully following all the instructions Upload the required scanner images/photographs of the given size and other attachments Payment of FMGE Application Fee of Rs 5,500/- via credit/debit/net banking Printout of the confirmation page and thereafter click the ‘Final Submit’ for successful completion of application form If you still have issues related to FMGE, scheme of the exam, course curriculum, etc., you can refer to the Information Bulletin; which is available on the NAT board website (
  • What is it like to study at Russia as an international student?
    People everywhere only wish to work hard enough and earn their livelihood while living their lives safely. And so, we are all not so different. Russia will make you feel the same! Adjusting in a foreign land with a different culture is a big challenge for any International student, who are going to study MBBS in Russia or to pursue any other course. The students and their parents have many questions regarding it as shifting to some other country is not so easy and comfortable for them. Studying at the Top Medical Universities in Russia is a major decision for the students and their parents in their academic life. As long as you will live in the country, you will realise that there are many amazing differences. Choosing the right destination and right institution for higher studies is one thing that must never be taken for granted as it shapes the career and future of an individual. We often see parents and students getting confused and worried for the higher education admissions. In these situations, we always prefer the students to go for personalised admission guidance to pick up the best university suited to their needs. Moreover, students will get a new understanding of this beautiful nation, its every aspect like climatic conditions, accommodation, campus, dining facilities, tourists places, education system of Russia, the significance of MBBS in Russia and much more. From many years, due to cordial political relations between Russia and India, Russia has been the top spot for students willing to go for studying MBBS in Abroad; but in recent years there has been a significant increase in the number of students. An international student can rely on three basic factors of Russia for making their decision- Russia’s culture and history Travelling to Europe is simpler than other regions of the world Student life in Russia The student life in Russian Universities is highly enriching in every respect as it believes in holistic development of the students. The learning process should be part of every place you go on campus or off campus. The students experience a diverse cultural environment along with getting quality education. Glance of Student Life in Russia- Russia offers a good value for money as students will be able to reap the benefits of studying here much more compared to MBBS in other foreign countries like Germany, Australia, or New Zealand. Russia holds a good number of ancient Universities compared to other countries which are famous for medical education. The nation is famous for offering quality education at an affordable cost, which is a main concern for Indian students and their parents. The Universities have more experienced and qualified teachers, who are accustomed in handling international student’s issues in a much better manner, as they have been handling it for years. Student-Teacher ratio in Russia is much lower unlike India (where it is highly skewed). The students interact directly with the teachers, without any hesitation and rush allowing the students to have a personal interaction with the faculty members. The students are given individual attention while studying medicine at Top Medical Universities in Russia. The accommodation and dining facility is something which cannot be avoided by Indian parents especially, in which Russia always comes on top. Comfortable standards of living and suitable dining facilities are the differentiating factors for International students in Russia. Russian Universities ensure availability of Indian food for Indian students by all possible means. One of the biggest concerns of the students and their parents, especially Indians about their safety. Russia is very safe for international students. Adequate safety is taken by the University’s management and the local management especially for the girls, right from the time of your entry into the country and lasting through the entire tenure of the course. But there are some issues: Weather can get extremely cold in few locations of Russia In most of Russian MBBS universities, classes are held in Russian from 4th year onward. Thus by 4th year, students should be able to grasp Russian language properly, which can be an asset later on. The course duration is 6 years where as many Kyrgyzstan, Philippines and Georgian universities are offering 5 year course. Challenge yourself before, during, and after studying abroad. Go somewhere you never would have considered, learn as much as possible about your new home, explore every week, try new things, and keep learning once the experience is over.
    Any Indian citizen who has attained the age of 17 years and has passed 10+2 Level from any recognized Council/Board of India or abroad is eligible to study MBBS abroad. She/he must have studied Physics, Chemistry and Biology as elective subjects and obtained a minimum of 50% in aggregate in PCB combined.
    Yes, you can practice in India. In order to be a medical practitioner you will have to register yourself with the State or Indian Medical Council. Also you will have to appear for a screening test. On clearing the screening test you will be eligible for registration as a doctor and will be allowed to practice at par with all other doctors.
    The vegetables available in a foreign land are very similar to what we get here. All the popular vegetables like Potato, Brinjal, Cauliflower, Cabbage, Beans, Carrots, and Cucumber etc are available. Similarly Egg, Fish, Chicken, Mutton are also in abundance. Indian style Rotis/Chapattis are available in special restaurants but Loaf Bread, Cookies, Pastries, Ice Cream, Canned Juices are available in plenty in all the college canteens & dining halls.
    There is a huge ratio of Indian Students studying in foreign medical universities. Apart from Indian students there are lots of students from other countries also.
    As per RBI regulations, an Indian student wishing to pursue education abroad can obtain Bank Loan upto 15 Lacks INR. Since the cost of the entire program is well within this amount, the entire program can be funded from Bank Loan.
    The medium of Instruction is in ENGLISH. However local Language training classes are offered for the initial 2 years. This is to make the student’s stay comfortable by enabling him to communicate with the locals and with patients during the clinical practice.
    Yes, your parents, friends, relatives can visit you. Tourist Invitations can be issued in such matters.



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