COVID-19 vaccination by Bangladesh

As the globe is suffering due to this pandemic, every country is trying to make a vaccine, medicine or any other treatment to fight this battle. To date, there are 5,212,172 cases, Total death cases are 334,915 and there has been a recovery of 2,093,466 patients. Bangladesh, our neighboring country has claimed to have discovered a combination of two medicines which acts as a miracle for coronavirus patients. This medicine cures patients in just 4 days.

A Bangladeshi medical team led by one of the most prominent doctors of Bangladesh, MD Tarek Alam who is the head of the Bangladesh Medical College and Hospital have claimed that the use of these two widely used drugs that is Ivermectine and Doxycycline has a great result in curing the patients of coronavirus. These medicines don’t have any side effects. So this is great news for the welfare of the globe.

Dr. Tarek Alam Quotes We have got astonishing results. Out of 60 COVID 19 patients, all of them were cured by the use of Ivermectin and Doxycycline. Bangladesh has so far recorded 30,205 cases. And 432 deaths. But now by the use of this combination, they are going to work on it. 

At this point when the world is researching for a COVID 19 treatment, this can prove to be a great help in fighting coronavirus. Now this team is working on making a research paper on these two medicines for international help. Bangladesh is one of the countries that have actively made efforts in the research of coronavirus medicine. With this, Bangladesh has emerged as an advanced country in medical research. Bangladesh also has a good healthcare system. Thus Bangladesh has provided a helping hand to the globe with this discovery.

At this point where the only treatment of coronavirus is diagnosis and lockdown. Information should be exchanged on global production capacity. At last in this battle against Virus and Humans, Human talent will surely triumph!

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