Education Abroad Participated in the esteemed MBBS Admission Expo 2024 in Navi Mumbai

Education Abroad always strives to empower students in their academic pursuits. Education Abroad, in its mission to help students in their careers, participated in the esteemed MBBS Admission Expo 2024 on 12th May in the Royal Tulip Hotel, Navi Mumbai. 

Bringing together 20+ leading universities from 7+ countries, the grand MBBS Admission Expo 2024 features some of the leading overseas educational facilitators including Education Abroad. The Expo sets the stage for prospective students to connect with top-tied educational institutions. In addition, students engaged in great conversations directly with the university’s representatives and got their queries resolved firsthand. 

The MBBS Admission Expo proved to be a great success for students who were able to explore a wide spectrum of opportunities, scholarship opportunities, and other benefits. With our great efforts, numerous students secure their admission to top-ranked universities and embark on their transformative academic journey. 

The MBBS Admission Expo was an immense success, offering students a clear pathway to achieving their goals.

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