Indian Students Embark on MBBS in Bangladesh Journey

The Education Abroad added another feather to their cap by facilitating the MBBS dream admissions for students from India. On February 10th, 2020, the Education Abroad welcomed the students to their Noida office for a special pre-departure ceremony. The students were welcomed in the morning to make sure that their minds were free from any queries before the final departure.

Following the pre-departure ceremony, the students then departed for Bangladesh along with the representatives of the Education Abroad. The students met the representatives at the airport from where on the team made the final departure. The representatives traveled with the students to ensure that they are able to settle well into the phase of their lives for the next few years.

The students from the Education Abroad have traveled to Bangladesh to pursue MBBS from the following institutions

  1. Uttara Medical College
  2. Park View Medical College
  3. Shahabuddin Medical College

Upon arrival in Bangladesh, the students and the representatives traveling with them were again welcomed by the representatives of the Education Abroad in Bangladesh and were then escorted further to their respective colleges.

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