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Amendments Made In Federal Law

New Residence Permit Guidelines Launched for Foreign Students in Russia

Russia is one of the top destinations worldwide attracting a major foreign population of international students for MBBS in Russia. Considering this fact, the government of the Russian Federation brought out a newly-formulated Federal Law "On Amendments to the Federal Law "On the Legal Status of Foreign Citizens in the Russian Federation" and Certain Legislative Acts of the Russian Federation." The special legal regime is meant for international citizens in Russian universities and state scientific organizations who have moved to the Russian Federation for higher education.

Some of the major highlights of the recent amendments made to the Federal Law include:

  1. Foreign citizens and stateless persons studying at top medical universities in Russia and state scientific organizations must obtain a temporary residence permit during their education and a residence permit after completing their studies without applying for a temporary residence permit. 
  2. The new law also laid out the procedures for passing medical exams, compulsory state fingerprint registration, and photographing by international citizens and stateless persons. 
  3. The federal law mentions the terms of the stay of foreign citizens in the Russian Federation to study MBBS in Russia and the process of extending such terms.
  4. The federal law established the term of temporary stay of minor children (including adopted children or under guardianship) of international citizens in the Russian Federation, working based on a patent. 
  5. The amended law also rolls out the provisions of preference for foreign citizens investing in the Russian Federation relating to the issuance of residence permits without following the procedure to obtain a temporary residence permit. 

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