NMC advisory alert issued for Indian students

An official alert has been issued by the National Medical Commission (NMC) for Indian Students. The alert issued and has been released for all those students who are seeking admission to undergraduate medical courses in foreign universities. NMC states that students should look for universities or institutes that meet the Foreign Medical Graduate Licentiates (FMGL) regulation. The FMGL regulation dated November 18, 2021 prescribes the terms of duration of the study, medium of instruction of study, syllabus, clinical training etc. These conditions are mandatory for registration to practice allopathy in India.

As per the notification, NMC has observed that institutes and universities abroad are following curriculum, time frame, and training imparted to the students are not in sync with the NMC regulation being followed in India. Thus Indian students are advised to attain admission to only those institutes and medical universities that meet all the conditions prescribed by the FMGL regulations. Any student who has attained their medical degree from an institute or university that does not meet the FMGL regulation for duration, medium of instruction, syllabus, clinical training, or internship, stands to be disqualified in grant for registration in India. And in case of disqualification the student will be solely responsible.

In conclusion, all the students who aspire to study abroad in a foreign medical university are hereby advised to look for universities that thoroughly meet the FMGL regulation.

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